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Adidas Superstars


The   Adidas Superstars   is part of the ‘Star Wars’ limited edition series which feature this shoe and also the ‘Yoda’ superstar shoe. The Adidas superstar Darth Vader features a patent black leather upper, black midsole and black toe cap. The Adidas Superstar Darth Vader is a limited edition shoe and is no longer in production.


SUPERSTAR 2 RASTA The Adidas Superstar in black/fairway/sunshine otherwise known as the Adidas Superstar Rasta model because of the distinctive colorway used in the 3 (three) stripes on the side of the shoe. Red Green and Gold (yellow) represent the colors of the Rasta flag. A sweet pair of superstars


CLASSICS The Adidas Superstar Vintage range is a re-issued range of the original vintage superstars used on basketball courts all over the USA during the early 70s. The shoe was first introduced in 1969 and were commercially available in 1970. It was the first lo-top basketball shoe to feature a full leather upper and protective rubber toe cap. the Adidas superstar vintage is characterized by the longer upper, thinner cup sole, thin leather tongue, lower heel and less defined rubber toe cap.


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