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Innovation Networks in Economic Development:

Innovation Networks in Economic Development Jack Breese Washington State Economic Development Commission Huron Consulting Group

Jack Breese- The Past:

Jack Breese- The Past PhD. Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford University, 1987, Advisor Professor Edison Tse . Co-Founder, with David Heckerman and Eric Horvitz, Knowledge Industries 1990- 1993. Founding member of Decision Theory Group, Microsoft Research 1993 - 1998. Director of Microsoft Research, Redmond, 1999- 2005 managed datamining , signal processing, commercialization Director, Washington Advisory Group, 2006-2011, Advisor to King Adbullah University of Science and Technology

Jack Breese- Current:

Jack Breese- Current Active Angel investor in Seattle area, member Alliance of Angels Board member Marketfish , email list marketing company Digital Scirocco , auction-based content management BeDynamic , local event content provider Atlas Accelerator, startup incubator Director Huron Consulting Group – university and economic development consulting Member Washington State Economic Development Commission

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Source: WA Economic Development Commission

Innovation–based Economic Development:

Innovation–based Economic Development

What are we trying to achieve?:

What are we trying to achieve? Gross Domestic Product Average income Income growth Total Employment Employment stability Reduce income disparity Quality of life, including environment

Existing Model: Local or Regional based Clusters:

Existing Model: Local or Regional based Clusters

Global Innovation Network:

Global Innovation Network

New Model: Regional Clusters making up Global Innovation Networks:

New Model: Regional Clusters making up Global Innovation Networks GER BRA JPN SFO SEA ENG CHN Exchange of Ideas Talent Investment Supply Chain Linkages Design Manufacturing Sales Marketing

PowerPoint Presentation:

Value added of commercial knowledge-intensive services, by region/country: 1995–2007 EU = European Union NOTES: Knowledge-intensive services include commercial business, financial, and communication services and largely publicly supported education and health services. Commercial knowledge-intensive services exclude education and health. Asia-9 includes India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. China includes Hong Kong. EU includes all 27 member states .

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INNOVATION IS ABOUT COLLABORATION Companies collaborating on innovation, as a percentage of all firms, 2004-2006 Source: OECD (2010), Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective , OECD, Paris based on OECD Innovation microdata project.

It is all about the Ecosystem:

It is all about the Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem:

Innovation Ecosystem Venture Capital Technical Talent Universities Community Colleges Management Talent Legal Legal Facilities Real Estate Communications Banking Transportation Labor Energy

Three Pillars:

Three Pillars Investment and Entrepreneurship Talent/Workforce Infrastructure

Investment and Entrepreneurship:

Investment and Entrepreneurship Capital Availability Experienced Enterpreneurs : Risk takers, take technology and apply to solve a real world problem. Network of advisors and resources.

Investment Stages:

Investment Stages

The Valley of Death:

The Valley of Death

Entrepreneur Characteristics:

Entrepreneur Characteristics Deep knowledge of a problem AND its solution Ability to lead and motivate Ability to build and nurture a small organization Passion Lots of hard work!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Patenting activity of young ( <5 years) firms, 2005-07 PCT patent filings by young firms as a percentage of filings by firms in each country Note : Data refers to patent applications filed under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) with a priority in 2005-07. Patent counts are based on the country of residence of the applicants. The share of young firms is derived from the set of patent applicants successfully matched with business register data. Source: OECD (2010), Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective , OECD, Paris, based on OECD HAN Database and ORBIS© Bureau Van Dijk Electronic Publishing. YOUNG FIRMS AT THE HEART OF INNOVATION

Network of help :

Network of help Angel investment/advising Local experienced consultants Incubator Support Firms

Atlas Accelerator:

Atlas Accelerator

Categories of Assistance- For Equity:

Categories of Assistance- For Equity Sales Marketing Finance Accounting Human resources Project Management Advisory Development Information Technology C-Level support

Talent and Workforce:

Talent and Workforce Availability of training and competent workforce Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at all educational levels Also: Business, Legal, Finance Continuing Education Apprenticeship Programs Unemployment and safety nets to encourage job mobility

First university degrees in natural sciences and engineering, selected countries: 1998–2006:

First university degrees in natural sciences and engineering, selected countries: 1998–2006 NOTE: Natural sciences include physical, biological, earth, atmospheric, ocean, agricultural, and computer sciences and mathematics . Source: National Science Board, Science and Engineering Indicators 2010

Lifelong Learning :

Lifelong Learning Worker Retraining Evolution of skills for technical positions Apprenticeships


Infrastructure Transportation Energy especially Electric Power Telecommunications including Broadband Real Estate R&D facilities, specialized equipment

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Global Number of Broadband Subscribers

Institutional Infrastructure:

Institutional Infrastructure Rule of Law and Courts Labor Contracts Real Estate Intellectual Property Balance Regulation with Commerce Tax System Capital Markets Public Stock Markets Venture Capital Private Equity Real Estate Quality of Life

Case Studies:

Case Studies Stanford and Silicon Valley – my experiences in the 1980s and 1990s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)- A King’s dream for Economic Development in the desert. Microsoft and the Innovation economy in the Pacific Northwest

Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley- Amazing Ecosystem:

Silicon Valley- Amazing Ecosystem Great Universities- Stanford, University of California at Berkley, USF Medical School California Culture of Immigration Great weather Gateway to Asia Continuing Culture of Innovation Mobility Risk taking Innovation Tolerance

My Experience:

My Experience Came to Palo Alto 1982, Engineering Economic Systems PhD 1987, studying Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence, Prof Edison Tse advisor, Prof Ron Howard, Sam Holtzman Employee: Quantum Inknowvations , Spinout for Advanced Decision System: Gerry Wilson and Edison Tse Founder: Knowledge Industries with David Heckerman and Eric Horvitz

Knowledge Industries, Microsoft:

Knowledge Industries, Microsoft Founders and technology acquired by Microsoft 1993 Founded Decision Theory Group at Microsoft Research, became in Director 1999

Silicon Valley nurtures startups:

Silicon Valley nurtures startups Investment – local firms, angel investor, Sand Hill Road (aka venture capital) Seasoned CEOs , Technologists, and Sales/Marketing Stanford University Entrepreneurial faculty attract and support Entrepreneurial students Flexible policies Knowledgeable Administration, Office of Technology Licensing, etc

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia

Primarily Extractive Economy:

Primarily Extractive Economy Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia National Oil Company SABIC : Saudi Basic Industries Corporation chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals.

Average annual growth of R&D expenditures for United States, EU-27, and selected Asia-8 economies: 1996–2007:

Average annual growth of R&D expenditures for United States, EU-27, and selected Asia-8 economies: 1996–2007 EU = European Union

Researchers in selected regions/countries/economies: 1995–2007:

Researchers in selected regions/countries/economies: 1995–2007 EU = European Union; FTE = full-time equivalent NOTES: U.S. data for 2007 estimated based on 2004–06 growth rate. EU includes all 27 member states.

King Commission Saudi Aramco to design and build new university:

King Commission Saudi Aramco to design and build new university Fall of 2006 Economic Development Transition to a Knowledge Economy Social Change

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October 2006


Links Google Earth View Campus Map

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October 2007

PowerPoint Presentation:

May 2008

PowerPoint Presentation:

May 2008

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September 2009

KAUST Mission:

KAUST Mission Research at KAUST – both basic and goal-oriented – is dedicated to advancing science and technology of regional and global impact. Research excellence inspires teaching and the training of future leaders in science and technology. Research and education at KAUST energize innovation and enterprise to support knowledge-based economic diversification . Through the synergy of science and technology, and innovation and enterprise, KAUST is a catalyst for transforming people's lives.

King Abdullah:

King Abdullah

King Abdullah Message:

King Abdullah Message Wishing to rekindle and spread the great and noble virtue of learning that has marked the Arab and Muslim worlds in earlier times, I am establishing King Abdullah University of Science and Technology on the Red Sea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is my desire that this new University become one of the world's great institutions of research; that it educate and train future generations of scientists, engineer sand technologists; and that it foster, on the basis of merit and excellence, collaboration and cooperation with other great research universities and the private sector. In providing a strong foundation for all aspects of life and work in the University, we aim to ensure its success in promoting the economic development and social prosperity of the people of the Kingdom and of the world.

PowerPoint Presentation:

MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH IS EMERGING TO ADDRESS GLOBAL CHALLENGES Science for “green” innovation Source : OECD (2010), Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective , based on Scopus Custom Data, Elsevier, July 2009; OECD, Patent Database, January 2010; and EPO, Worldwide Patent Statistical Database, September 2009. The list of environmental patent applications has been generated through a search algorithm developed by the OECD and EPO (European Patent Office) Green technologies (patents) draw on a broad base of scientific knowledge NEW INDICATOR: matching environmental patents and scientific publications using co-citation analysis

KAUST Research Centers:

KAUST Research Centers Catalysis Computational Bioscience Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Plant Stress Genomics Solar Photovoltaic Engineering Red Sea Clean Combustion Water Desalination and Reuse

PowerPoint Presentation:

Source: OECD (2010), Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective , Paris. 1998 2008 NEW PLAYERS ARE EMERGING AND COLLABORATION IS INTENSIFYING SIZE OF BUBBLE = Number of scientific publications THICKNESS OF LINK = Number of co-authorship

Global Collaborative Research:

Global Collaborative Research KAUST GRP Centers Grant Recipients: Cornell University: KAUST-Cornell Center for Energy and Sustainability The University of Oxford: Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics (OCCAM) Stanford University : The Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltiacs (CAMP) Texas A&M University: Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (IAMCS)

Stanford Prof Mike McGhee with KAUST leadership and Saudi Oil Minisiter:

Stanford Prof Mike McGhee with KAUST leadership and Saudi Oil Minisiter

Global Research Partnership (GRP) Investigators:

Global Research Partnership (GRP) Investigators Dr. Yi Cui Stanford University Advanced Electrical Energy Storage Using Nanowires Dr. Ahmed F. Ghoniem Massachusetts Institute of Technology Advanced Energy Conversion Systems Dr. Nicholas Paul Harberd University of Oxford Crop-plant Domestication in the Genome-Biology Era Dr. Nobuyasu Ito University of Tokyo Avogadro Challenge – Nanodynamics Study on Nonequilibrium Problems Dr. William Koros Georgia Institute of Technology Advanced Membranes and Sorbents for More Sustainable Hydrocarbon Utilization Dr. Bruce Logan Pennsylvania State University Energy for a Sustainable Water Infrastructure and Agriculture Dr. Peter A. Markowich University of Cambridge Applied and Computational Differential Equations in Life Sciences, Nanoscience and Engineering Dr. Paulo Monteiro University of California, Berkeley Green Concrete and Sustainable Construction: A Multi-scale Approach Dr. Bengt Nordén Chalmers University of Technology Bio-inspired Molecular Nanotechnology Dr. Edward Hartley Sargent University of Toronto Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Dr. Brian Stoltz California Institute of Technology Selective Aerobic Catalytic Oxidation Chemistry Dr. Anna Tramontano University of Rome, La Sapienza Systems View of Biological Organisms: Computational Approach

KAUST Economic Development Programs:

KAUST Economic Development Programs Research Park Industrial Affiliates Program Seed Fund Incubator Space Access to Core Lab Facilities

KAUST Ecosystem Challenges:

KAUST Ecosystem Challenges Workforce: lack of experienced and competent staff at ALL LEVELS Status of Women Non Collaboration with Israel Lack of Institutional infrastructure: markets, supply chains, legal Remote location Middle Eastern days of the week, Moslem calendar

Washington State Economic Plan:

Washington State Economic Plan

Thank You William and Mary Gates:

Thank You William and Mary Gates

PowerPoint Presentation:

PowerPoint Presentation: