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Is our training appropriate?:

Is our training appropriate? Retrieve from

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Express Scripts, Inc. (2010) Annual Report

What is training? :

What is training? Professional development opportunities oriented towards common knowledge, contribute to the organization’s mission and succeed on an individual level. Contribute to the organization’s grow and success. Green et al.(2010)

Why is important?:

Why is important? According to Smith (2011) with a training program, the company can help its employees react to changes in industry. To keep your employees motivated and, enable the company to stay on top of trends and technological advances.

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Express Scripts, Inc. (2010) Annual Report

Process of training:

Process of training On boarding/New Hire Work station Recurrent (i.e. New technology)

Which is the risk?:

Which is the risk? Reports indicate that only about 10% of what is learned in training is applied on the job (Fitzpatrick, 2001).

How we can do better?:

How we can do better? Address potential concerns upfront. Stretch company’s program out Take advantage of the intranet Educate managers deeply about the need to provide meaningful discussion and reflective work experiences . Assign mentors or coaches to each new employee for the first 90 days of employment. Wheeler (2009)


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