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P.S.S.A Project:

P.S.S.A Project By Cody

Show what you know:

Show what you know There will be 30 questions

Question 1:

Question 1 Which of these numbers is prime 5 21 12

Question 2:

Question 2 Which of the following words is a verb? Person Jog Cow

Question 3:

Question 3 What is 1/3 x 9 9 27 3

Question 4:

Question 4 Which is an opinion Their house is the best He is the tallest kid in the class The T.V. won’t work

Question 5:

Question 5 There is 1,760 ------ in a mile Meters Feet Yards

Question 6:

Question 6 Which statement WOULDN’T belong in a story about birds? My favorite bird is a mocking bird. On Tuesday I am going to a Water park. Birds can fly.

Question 7:

Question 7 Which of the following is kilometer compared to a meter X 1,000 X 100 / 1,000

Question 8:

Question 8 What is the correct meaning of fantastic? Wonderful Awful Crazy

Question 9:

Question 9 Which of the following is a non-polygon? Rectangle Square Cube

Question 10:

Question 10 Which word has a prefix meaning many Multicultural Preheat Dislike

Question 11:

Question 11 Which of the following has 8 vertices, 6 faces and 12 edges? Square Rectangle Cube

Question 12:

Question 12 Kitchen is to cook as _______ is to football player Field Court Racket

Question 13:

Question 13 What describes a square 1. parallelogram 2. flat 3. round 4. rectangle 1 and 2 1, 2, and 4 1 and 4

Question 14:

Question 14 Which sentence is written correctly? I want to got a candy bar I want to go to Hawaii My friend went to Hawaii every summer

Question 15:

Question 15 Which of the following equals fifteen ( 10X9)/6=15 15/3X12=15 12+(8+2)=15

Question 16:

Question 16 Which is a verb Dog Dig Dinner

Question 17:

Question 17 Which word has the correct spelling? Calendar Baloon Bouquette

Question 18:

Question 18 A square is a _____ Circle 3D Object Rectangle

Question 19:

Question 19 Which of the following is a fact? Division is easy. I read a book in 1 week! It was cool when we dropped on the waterslide.

Question 20:

Question 20 What is the answer to a multiplication problem called? Sum Answer Product

Question 21:

Question 21 What would a heading called “ The New Project” most likely be about? A man inventing something A kid going to a new school A dog getting a new family

Question 22:

Question 22 What is the answer to (35/5)X8 56 40 63

Question 23:

Question 23 What is another meaning for multipurpose With one big purpose Many purposes No purpose

Question 24:

Question 24 What is an isosceles triangle A triangle with no equal sides A triangle with all equal sides A triangle with 2 equal sides

Question 25:

Question 25 Dog is to Cat as ________ is to square Rectangle Circle 2D Objects

Question 26:

Question 26 What is the key to volume? Length X Width X Height Length X Width Width X Height

Question 27:

Question 27 Which sentence is alliteration You are a hog. You act like a wimp . Three tough turtles .

Question 28:

Question 28 What is the circumference of a circle? The outside Half way through it The inside

Question 29:

Question 29 An adverb describes A noun A verb A shape

Question 30:

Question 30 What is a megagon A shape with no sides. A shape with 1,000 sides. A shape with over 1,000,000 sides.

You are finished :

You are finished Thank you for taking my quiz. Have a good day.

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