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A Song Heard Round The World.:

A Song H eard R ound T he W orld. Story about Yankee Doodle and why it is so mean.

Yankee Doodle 1600:

Yankee Doodle 1600 Yankee Doodle then was well know all around the world. Also Oliver Cromwell


macaroni Back then macaroni did not mean pasta it meant. Someone who wore overly fancy cloths.

Wheat it means:

Wheat it means Yankee Doodle went to town meant . Stupid foolish colonist went to town A –riding on a pony. Riding a little pony instead of a real horse. Stuck a feather in his hat. Added one fancy item to his shabby outfit. And called it macaroni. And believed he had some class.

Surrender field:

Surrender field The British soldiers surrendered to George Washington at York town that field is now called surrender field.

Yankee Doodle:

Yankee Doodle Yankee Doodle is well know all around the world . And us to be know as L ucy locket .

By Garrett Hillard:

By Garrett Hillard