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By . Chase and wasim:

By . Chase and wasim

PSSA stand for:

PSSA stand for P ennsylvania S ystem for S tudent A ssessment

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The PSSA is not used to decide if you pass a grade The PSSA is used to show what you know and are able to do PSSA is a state assessment given to students in grades 3-8 and 11

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Right before you begin the PSSA, relax and think positive thoughts. The PSSA helps teachers find out if you need extra help in mathematics, reading, writing, or science

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Don't work too fast - take your time and think carefully. Remember, you can write whatever you want in your test booklet. Find out if you will have a time limit, or if you will be able to work until you are finished - if your time is limited, pay attention to the time.

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be sure that you fill in your answers on the answer sheet and do not write anything extra on that answer sheet, read all the answer choices before you select an answer watch out for trick answers there may be a better answer choice.

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Try not to waste too much time on a question you can skip a question, and move on to the next one, but remember to go back later and answer questions you skipped. carefully fill in the circles on the answer sheet, so the circles are completely filled and dark. On the answer sheet, be careful not to fill in two circles for a single question.

Don't be afraid to change your answer when you go back, if you find a better answer.:

Don't be afraid to change your answer when you go back, if you find a better answer. When you're finished, go back and check your answers answer any questions you skipped and check ones you weren't sure about.

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