American Wars

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American wars:

American wars By Joe

The American revolution:

The American revolution Back in the day the war between the American solders and the British. which was lead by the 1 st president George Washington . On one Christmas eve the “rebels” rowed boats down the Delaware. A lot of people died during the war everyone wanted to leave and throw the war to the British but George found a way to make them stay and fight for the country

The civil war:

The civil war The civil war started because of plain racism the south hated black people and kept them as slaves. And the north didn’t like the south and they wanted to set black people free and the south had laws that said if a black person had broken out they would be executed and the north had no laws that blacks would be treated like trash and traded like dogs

Civil war pictures:

Civil war pictures

World war 2 :

World war 2 World war 2 started because of Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi nation first they attacked Poland The Japanese bombed pearl harbor that’s how we were brought into the war and we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan then we we were done with the war then the eurepions wanted help to stop adolf we said no adolf died by commiting suicide with his wife Eva Braun their corpses were burned



Pictures of adolf:

Pictures of adolf

Osama bin laden dead:

Osama bin laden dead

The end :

The end Hoped u liked it