surrogacy process in india

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Surrogacy, as a procedure to provide rejoices in the life of infertile couple, is a process in which a woman and a couple or individual are agreed to carry and deliver a baby. The surrogate mother is also known as a gestational carrier. This surrogacy process is not only an expensive one and time consuming but also emotional one. Women or couples who choose surrogacy often do so because they are unable to conceive due to infertility or abnormal uterus, or have experienced multiple pregnancy losses, or due to the low sperm count, or have had multiple attempts through in vitro fertilization that have unsuccessful.


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Surrogacy in india:

Surrogacy in india How to Decide on Surrogacy in India Surrogacy in India is an attractive option for couples who wish to have their names on the birth certificate; want to have a professional or limited relationship with their surrogate, but have the benefit of excellent healthcare. Surrogates in India have no parental rights and cannot change their mind about handing over a child to the intended parents.Surrogacy in India costs US$22,000 to US$35,000

What is The Process Of Surrogacy:

What is The Process Of Surrogacy Contact IVF Surrogacy in India Review the costs of surrogacy Confirm the price of medication & treatment . Be clear on what is a priority for your family?   Forward the relevant medical information - At a minimum this will include a sperm analysis & culture and a STD screen as well as a note from your doctor confirming why you are needing to undertake surrogacy . Schedule a time to begin your treatment . Plan your travel to India - Please be aware that currently to undertake surrogacy in India you must apply for and travel on a Medical visa . Prior to any treatment, on your first meeting with your treating doctor, disc On the day of egg collection, if you are using your own eggs, you will have minor surgery. uss with the doctor how many embryos you are wanting to transfer . Picking up your baby.

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