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Introduce myself :

Introduce myself My Name is Ivan Celimene, I’am a 13 years old and estudy at Luso Venezolano.

My family:

My family my family consists of my dad, my mom, my sister and I, currently live with my dad and my mom. The names of my family are, Ivan Celimene (my dad), Sarath of Celimene (my mom), Saraith Diaz (My Sister), Victor Diaz (My brother - In law) and I.

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MY DAD My dad’s name I van Celimene, now lives with me and my mom. This is my dad My dad married my mom 30 years ago

HIS work:

HIS work My dad Working in the FUNDAIN, he’s position is international defender


MY MOM She’s Name is Sarath , She is Housewife ,

My sister:

My sister She’s Name is Saraith , She is teacher of Kindergarden and estudy at URBE

My Brother – in law:

My Brother – in law His name is Victor , He’s Working is Administrator at Luso Venezolano SCHOOL.

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