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Convert PDF to EPUB for Free:

Convert PDF to EPUB for Free There are all these great free eBooks on the Web in Epub format, like Google Books . But if you have some ebooks already in PDF format and want to convert those to ePub. So, here is simple method to convert PDF to ePub using a free ebook management application Calibre which is available for Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Mac OS X and Linux.

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First of all you have to download and install Calibre on Windows, Mac or Linux, as we are performing this process to convert PDF to ePub format in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Download from Here .

STEP 1 Click on “Add books” button:

STEP 1 Click on “Add books” button


STEP 2 Select PDF book form your computer that you want to convert to ePub format, immediately that will be added under Calibre book list.


STEP 3 Now click on “small arrow” on the right side of “edit meta information” and select “Download meta data and covers ”


STEP 4 Now, start the book format conversion process. Simply click on “small arrow” on the right side of “Convert E-books” then select “Convert individually”

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Calibre will convert PDF ebook to ePub format and you can find .ePub version of your PDF file in the folder that you have specified above in the “Calibre Welcom Wizard” If Calibre fails for conversion, please use these epub converter instead.