Important Things to Consider While Planning Second Story Extensions


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Home extension becomes a need when you need to make your home spacious. Prior to getting second story home extension service there are many important things which should be considered while planning second story extension? Know all these things by having a glance here.


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More than often it happens with families that they are left with the only option of going for second story extensions because of numerous reasons the biggest reason is undoubtedly creating more space to accommodate the expanding family and another very prominent reason is the limitations regarding expanding the home sideways. However this is also not an easy task because of several things out of which the topmost is the second storey addition cost followed by some factors that we have discussed here in this post.

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Thermal Performance:  While creating a plan for such a construction it is very important that thermal performance is taken into consideration.  Experts say that the design should be created in such a way that it integrates really well into the design or the plan finalised by you.  At the same time this has to be assured that the extension or addition that you are planning meets the minimum sustainability benchmarks.  In this regards you need to know one thing that it is as simple as fine-tuning the size and orientation of your window but in some exceptional cases it could be complex as well. Insulation:  While planning second story extensions it has to be ensured that the entire construction is made climate-proof and this straightaway means that insulation is a must.  In some cases you might have to get new installation but if you are lucky you would be spared with just retrofitting of the existing insulation of the property. Heating and Cooling:  With new second story extensions there are sure-shot chances that you will have to invest in the new HVAC system to match the requirements because the existing one would simply be insufficient.  While considering this thing make sure that you d on ’t forget the amount of work and costs needed for the ductwork if you go for a duct AC. Some other very important things that you will have to take into consideration while planning second story extensions are –  The Roofing Structure  The Cladding Part  The Flooring  The Electricity Source:

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