Searching people in Social networks and beyond Kiew 2015

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Searching people in social networks and beyond Kiew 29 th of November 2015 Marcus Lindemann TV journalist and journalism lecturer

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Structure of this Workshop - presentation - exercises

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Finding nicknames

slide 8:

Search twitter from the outside Google:

slide 9:

Search twitter from the outside Google: possible within all social networks

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27 Make connections with photos

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Pics from Twitter

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Pics from Twitter

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slide 38:

Twitter lists

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Twitter lists

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slide 42:

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19 traces to follow

slide 45:

Historical information

slide 49:

So how can we uncover doremus

slide 52:

Traces from the blog: tag cloud

slide 53:

Any patterns

slide 54:

A Honeypot online

slide 55:

E-Mail adresses

slide 56:

Facebook social graph

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1. In which social networks will you find data on Stefan Keuchel find his nickname use

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2. On which floor am I living Take the picture “Mainzelmännchen” from Use an exif-data service/plugin.

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3. In which clinic is this doctor working

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4. What did Michael Jacksons former wife write on her myspace page shortyl after Jackson died b Do you think this is authentic/trustworthy

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5. Find the oldest Google homepage that is still online Benefit: If you are successful you’ll get embarissing pictures from Sergey Brin.

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Any questions left Get in contact

slide 63: 5/ eactionblog.ListAllfriendId42291868

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