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Irene Kepler Social Worker – Program for Orphans Irene Kepler has worked as a professor, social worker, and was the youngest person elected to her City Council and the only woman to serve at the time. She has always taken an active role in battling against social inequality, and preserving basic human rights. That is why she started a partnership with an orphanage in Nugulelo, Tanzania. There she developed a program for the sexual, emotional, and nutritional health of orphans.


Irene Kepler A Giving Heart Irene Kepler is a woman with a giving heart, one that can’t bear the idea of social inequality or human suffering. That is why she has been an active participant in a number of social movements over the course of her personal and professional life. Kepler has both foreign and domestic social work experience, with the underlining goal of helping those who need it the most.


Irene Kepler Private Non-Profit Irene Kepler has made it a part of her personal mission to help those less fortunate. That is why she founded a private non-profit program that brought fresh fruit, vegetables, and soap to AIDS infected areas. Kepler also employed HIV/AIDS infected women to sell the soap, vegetables, and fruits, helping to encourage social interaction and challenge cultural stigmas of the HIV/AIDS infected.


Irene Kepler Child Poverty Costs Socially conscious individuals like Irene Kepler have been working hard to battle inequality and other social issues all across the world. One problem Kepler has been fighting against is poverty. Economists estimate that child poverty costs around $500 billion dollars a year to the U.S. economy, and also reduces productivity and economic output by 1.3 percent, as well as increasing crime rates.


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