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This is the costume which Ruhan wore, who played the criminal role in the movie. We kept the hoodie on the criminal, as this shows that he has something to hide and gives the audience an idea to what type of character he is. As you can see we have dressed the criminal in black from top to bottom, this is because he doesn't want to give him self away, and its difficult to identify the characters in black therefore it leaves the detectives the job to find out. Dressed black as a whole gives the audience a feeling of danger ahead.

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Denotation: Casual Person walking Connotation: Seems innocent compares to the dressing of the victim. Denotation: The black clothing suggests danger Connotation: The black brings out the danger. Denotation: Smart dressing Connotation: Smart dressing shows that she works part of an office. Denotation: Office worker Connotation : The suite and the tie show that he’s a high class detective.