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The genres we choose and why we choose them? To start off with, we looked into our favourite film to see which genres we were most into. Because we had a group of four there we decided on two different types of genres which we as a group were happy to progress with. The two types of genres we all decided on were Horror and Thriller. Ones we had decided on what types of genres we wanted to relate are movie opening to we got straight on with reasserting the different genres. Horror Horror in essence is meant to do one or more of these things: terrify, scare, gross out, disturb. At its simplest horror revolts and scares. At its most complex horror is disturbing and thought provoking. Thriller Thriller is a tuff genre which includes off, resourceful, but essentially ordinary heroes are pitted against villains determined to wipe them out alongside their country, or the stability of the free world.

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In what ways dose your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. After we had decided as a group what in particular genre’s we were going to chose. This led us on to researching into horror and thriller movies. One of the main films which came to mind was Saw, this is because the film Saw is a big game between the detectives and the killer, however the storey line is completely different. CSI MIAMI, Is a TV programme which came to mind after deciding on the genre gav e. This programme is directly about, crimes and detectives. Ones again these TV programmes and Films helped us build up our ideas for our movie opening.

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OSS – Over the shoulder Shoot This is the office scene, where myself and Jail Azad are discussing about the victims. Which was filmed by Iram Arbi and Ruhan Eren . One of the main camera angles we came across and myself found quite effective, was the Over the Shoulder Shoot. Shows the position of both the people, and shows clearly the point of view of both the characters. The Over the shoulder shoot is also used in the movie ‘I Robot’ which gave us an clear idea of ho to present it.

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In this part of the scene, Iram walks casually and over the top we have used foot step sounds. Because we thought it would make it more effective and fitted in well with what was going on in the video, also keeps the audience thinking where they are going to lead to. This is the part, where Ruhan, grabs on to Iram, and as soon as he puts his hand around her mouth we have the ‘scream’ sound play over the top. Ones again this would get heart beating of the audience. Ones again, in this scene of me walking into the office walking up to J amuil. We have used the foot step sound again while I walk to the Jamiul’s desk.