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Q4 Who would be the audience for you media product? :

Q4 Who would be the audience for you media product? The BBFC was a great guidance when choosing a age rating for the opening clip. We had looked at there website and had to decide between a 18 and a 15. When looking at the points it had seemed that our thriller opening clip had seemed to fill in the 15 age guidelines well. On the website it gives u different criteria’s which were, swearing, language, nudity, drugs, discrimination etc and there are many more which we had to use as a guideline against our ideas that we had planned for our clip. As well as setting the age rating for the film, we had to consider the audience and what research that had taken place. Sana had set a questionnaire which was online on a social network. She had asked people on there particular tastes on certain movies. From the feedback that was given to us we had made a set decision on what our genre was. Thriller was the most popular reply we had got from most of the audience.

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I believe the type of person that would enjoy this film would be someone that enjoys watching thrillers which is the obvious point. But someone that likes to get involved in a film and use there own brain to construct and work out the mystery of the story line and want to stay and watch the whole film to know what would happen with this certain case and if the detective completes his task at the right time and catches the kidnapper/killer. There are a lot of films that are like this an example is the obvious saw many of them films are to figure out how to win the game and the detectives trying to find a solution how to catch the person. Q4 Who would be the audience for you media product?

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Q4 Who would be the audience for you media product? This person is aged 34 Enjoys watching a series programme Called CSI Miami likes to watch a film fully Without interruptions. He enjoys watching thrillers Has seen most Saw movies