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Indira: The Next Gen Wireless Communications Executive:

Indira : The Next Gen Wireless Communications Executive Product Roadmap

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Version Alpha – As of 2013 – Core Features Scalable Platform Passionate about wireless communications, with a drive to identify opportunities and innovate new products User Friendly Components Workhorse Features Positive attitude, with a readiness to motivate self and team when facing obstacles Strong working ethic, responsible for decisions, and committed to reflecting the values of team

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Technical Upgrade Business fundamentals acquired from first-semester Core and Electives such as “How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services” Stress Test Market Assessment Summer Internship at Samsung Mobile, building business cases and performing due diligence to launch new product features Career planning process with CDO to identify right-fit Leadership Rotational Programs across Product Management, Product Marketing, and Business Development Version Beta – First Year MBA – Enhancing the Core

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Field Validation Study tour to South Africa to evaluate the impact of mobile communications on economic development, while bonding with “ocean” mates Commercialization Soft Launch High impact release into a Product Manager Rotational Program Innovation-Team course to develop go-to-market strategy for real-world MIT technology, in preparation for immediate post-MBA career Version Gamma – Second Year MBA – Launch

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Accelerated Market Share Capture Advanced features such as “organizational leadership skills” support transition to head of product management at a leading wireless communications company Societal Impact Commitment to giving back demonstrated at MIT-Sloan as guest speaker at club conferences and advisor to current students Version Delta – Graduation and Beyond – Dominant Design