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From CAS main screen, go to Configuration.

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Go to POS Settings, then select Related Item Recommendation.

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CAS now shows the Related Item Settings screen.

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Select the VENUE you want to activate Related Items Recommendation.

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Select the STORE you want to activate Related Items Recommendation.

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Select the Recommendation Type.

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If you select Other Customers Purchased. The screen shows three options. You POS will recommend items based on what other customers purchased.

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If you select Recommended Items, you can assign any item as recommended item.

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You can assign pant as MAIN ITEM, shirt as suggested item When your POS ring a sale of pant, it will recommend your customer to buy shirt. This is a simple example, based on your experience, You can design many different recommended items package. If you select Established by Management.

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After you are done with settings, don’t forget to Save your settings.

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