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Interforce International represents a new generation of protection services specializing in counter measure tactics to deter crime using innovative technologies that are currently used in today's police and military forces.


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Interforce International (

Interforce International ( )

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Table of Contents Construction Asset Protection Hamilton Mobile Patrol Parking Control Richmond Hill Loss Prevention Security Toronto Special Event Security Hamilton Commercial Security Richmond Hill Concierge Security Services Waterloo Contact Us

Construction Asset Protection Hamilton :

C onstruction A sset P rotection Hamilton Find best construction asset protection services in Ontario region. If you are looking for protection services at affordable rates then we are here to assist you. Interforce International is a premier security service providing company in Ontario where you will find all security solution at viable rates. We deal in all kind of construction assets protection and security issues. Hire our professionals who would provide you ever best security for your construction assets and building premises.

Mobile Patrol Parking Control Richmond Hill :

M obile P atrol Parking Control Richmond Hill Mobile security for your property is a cost effective solution when a security presence is needed while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. Instead of employing a security to be stationed on your property at all times, choosing mobile security patrol will allow property owners the flexibility of having a security do a thorough and complete patrol of your property just once at a specified time slot.

Loss Prevention Security Toronto :

L oss P revention S ecurity Toronto Security guard company – give your premises a complete protection with security guard company in Canada. Hire a security guard for your home, office or factory premises. We supply security guard services in all over the Ontario area and nearby cities in Ontario.

Special Event Security Hamilton :

S pecial E vent S ecurity Hamilton Whether it be a wedding, stag party, or a high profile pay per view event, everyone attending the event is there for one purpose: To have a good time, and they expect it to also be a safe for them not to worry for their own well being. This is where Interforce International's special event services come in: We provide smart serve certified security guards who are trained to ensure that events go as according to planned, as well as following strict emergency protocols in the event of a situation arising that can affect everyone's safety. Their goal is to neutralize the safety threat as soon and as carefully possible so that everyone can have a good and safe time.

Commercial Security Richmond Hill :

C ommercial S ecurity R ichmond H ill Best commercial and personal security services at interforce international a leading security service provider in Canada. We work with highly experienced and educated security experts. The security appliances are high technology based and are liable to provide you 100% security. Protect your commercial premises, shopping malls, factories and corporate offices with canada’s most appraised security service providers.

Concierge Security Services Waterloo:

Concierge Security S ervices Waterloo need of a concierge guard can be felt when the party animals are going to their homes. As it quite common that at times they seek fun under the influence of alcohol to damage others property whatsoever appears when they are making their path to their houses. The existence of a guard at the residential complex who are doing casual walk across the building areas will put off any prospected property harm from happening. In fact, moreover he/she can indeed provide assistance in any emergency condition that might rise as a consequence of a person having in excess of to drink.

Contact Us:

Contact Us HEAD OFFICE : Interforce International 2428 Islington Avenue, Suite 203B Toronto , ON M9W 3X8 Canada

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