Revolution in the agricultural Industry


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The company’s Smart Floating Farms (SFF) concept is a sustainable, solar-powered standing farm that floats on cruisers, making it possible to grow food off a coast, in the open sea or just about any large water body.


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Floating Farms | An upcoming Revolution in the agricultural Industry Email

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The Forward-thinking architecture company in Barcelona with architect Javier Ponce at its helm think they have a solution to the one of the impending food crisis facing the world. The company’s Smart Floating Farms SFF concept is a sustainable solar-powered standing farm that floats on cruisers making it possible to grow food off a coast in the open sea or just about any large water body. The architects estimate that SFF can produce a calculated 8152 tons of vegetables and 1703 tons of fish annually Email

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Formulation and Concept of the design The architecture shows a 24 meter tall three-level structure with solar panels at the roof to provide energy. The intermediate level grows a variety of vegetation over an area of 51000 square meters using nutrients in the liquid instead of the use of soil in the conventional agricultural farming. These nutrients and plant substances would drop into the bottom level to feed fish which are farmed in a surrounded space to cultivate fish farming. Email

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Split-up of the Architecture Productive agriculture answers differently to situations based on the parameters of location resource availability climatic changes etc. It is important that the production value remains constant even when the above-stated factors differ by a considerable margin. The farm comprising of three levels thus can be stacked or varied in different ways to suit the needs of the respective locations without hindering the amount of food production. Email

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Future: An impossible approach or the next big Revolution Questions arise whether these supportable farms can actually make a dent in the impending food crisis since they are likely to incur huge start-up and operating costs. Other factors such as the adaptability climatic environment production costs and practical implementations will act as barriers might oppose the business model. Javier D. Ponce chief executive of the SFF project says “At this moment there’s no need to clarify non-conclusive figures. Many factors of the project will depend on the location market tendencies the type of products etc.” Email

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