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Inovar is a software services company. Consulting and Digital Transformation is at the heart of what we do. We identify and integrate emerging technologies and software initiatives and deliver state-of-the-art smart solutions. We help customers right from Digital Advisory and Architecture consulting to provide a trusted customer experience.


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Who we are


Inovar delivers cutting-edge smart solutions through its Consulting evangelists who help businesses identify and integrate emerging technologies and software initiatives that create a trusted customer experience and camaraderie.   At Inovar, we know that greatness in a disruptive era requires bold, ambition, curious talent and a culture that believes we’re smarter together. We approach every challenge holistically, with best-in-class expertise in data, technology, creativity, research, social and more We About us We believe Inspire Ideate Innovate


We are focused on Design Thinking lead technology company. Design + Technology Helping enterprises succeed in their digital journey through a human centered approach. Human Centered Approach


Apratim Ghosh CEO Technologist, Extensive experience on building technology teams, practices and building products. Spent 20+ years with companies like Microsoft, Accenture leading their tech practices. Shiv Sankar Barik VP – Operations and Delivery 20+ years of multi disciplinary experience on delivery management, operations Management and People management. Before Inovar he led a 500+ member team for TCS which included multiple top TCS accounts.


Our Clients


What we do


Strategy Services  Inovar helps businesses translate their intended experiences into actual interactions between its people and services. We reimagine the digital future of businesses by aligning brands with their envisioned strategy and values. Development Services  Developing the ‘game changers’ to take your business to the next level! Catering to your requirements, we explore and develop digital solutions across various platforms to up your digital game and transform your brand presence in the industry. .   Design Services  Inovar delivers creative and radical design tools and methods as practical solutions! All of our designs are user centered, brand and customer focused and built to deliver tangible results.   Our Services


Collaborative workshops for business  stakeholder to define User Experience Goals  Mapping User Experience goals with Business goals  Identification of long and short-term goals  Defining the User Experience Roadmap  Setting up an in-house User Experience team for execution  Periodic UX audits  User Experience Strategy   Analysing the business problem, the product/service & impact of the solution  Choosing the best technology stack to achieve the required scale, speed & security  Evaluating cloud infrastructure (server / serverless) needed to run the system  Constructing the application frontend & backend to identify what information is saved/computed locally & what travels all the way to the cloud & how frequently & securely  Aligning with your brand vision, positioning, strategy & values by bridging the gap between your current standing and the envisioned future  Understanding your business ecosystem & digitization needs at every level  Advising digitization & modernization initiatives to improve key metrics  Developing a strategically aligned digitization roadmap along with an in-depth analysis to predict possible risks and ensure desired results.  Digital Transformation Strategy   Technology Strategy   Strategy Services


Design Services User Research to evaluate the impact of designs on users  Understanding User Persona to represent your actual users  Interaction design wherein the design element goes above and beyond for the sole purpose of gaining insights to the way users interact with it   Visual Experience Design to considerably improve user experience  Highly functional Interactive Prototype   Usability testing to evaluate the way users use the system  User Experience Design   Portraying Customer Journey maps to understand how your customers reach the end goals and if not, then why!  Tackling issues that attack the branding of your Organization  Creating Digital Marketing Collateral to promote your brand  Drumming up your Digital Product Design & Web Sites to ensure your digital presence stays flawless  Creating a Social Media strategy to create and curate engaging content and ensure you stay active while connecting with customers  Engaging SEO to increase the quality and definition of your website  Service Design


Development Services Digital workplaces with Real-Time Collaboration  Automating Process-concentrated integration and workflows  Integrated knowledge Management  Office 365 migration  Office 365 Applications Analytics Vision & Architecture to optimize business performance  Decision Support Systems to enhance organizational decision making  Machine Learning to enable learning from data, thus involving minimal human interaction in decision making efforts  Modern Architecture  To enable software with modern characteristics; agility to adapt and extend, highly secure and available, and able to dynamically integrate information that powers the digital experience.  Modern Delivery Processes  We adopt DevOps based end to end automation of software delivery for faster and better-quality releases, and better collaboration & visibility.  Modern Platform  Depending on your business and technical requirements, we can develop applications on any popular public cloud platform or private cloud platform.  Modern App Development Analytics  


How we do it


Case Studies


Simplifying signal Management for telecom providers. Technical solutions were provided to ensure effortless and uninterrupted operations.  Design Development Usability SharePoint Digital Transformation strategy and roadmap. Sim plified digital workflows based on personas. End-to-end User Experience design. Full-stack application development.


Warrior Games Inovar lent their expertise to the Paralympic event, Warrior Games, ensuring that all their tech set up was in place right from the website to the versatile customized mobile app.  Design Development Usability The front-end tech portion comprised of a scalable website and a customized mobile application. Customized mobile app with its comprehensive mapping solution was able to guide users toward various vital sites like game centres, medical tents, food stalls and the like. AWS cloud hosted custom API’s to fuel their back-end tech


Fintech App Dev The vision was for Inovar to help create a patent platform to enable Peer to Peer lending. Inovar aligned IT with the business and focused on technical diversity, business continuity and maximizing ROI.   Design Development Usability User Research An advanced technology revolving around data science AI, machine learning, and predictive science. Real-time tracking and loan-closure mechanisms. Cloud portable solution. Automated onboarding, credit rating, request and disbursement of funds.


Refined communication for better productivity. Enabling collaboration at your finger tips for U.S Telecom MNC employees. Design Development Usability SharePoint Defining content strategy. Information Architecture. UX Design. Custom SharePoint Development.


A platform for insurance agents and customers to manage and buy policies. Smart Policies A platform for insurance agents and customers to manage and buy policies. Design Development Usability Ability to take quick actions without logging into the system. A dashboard for the customer and the agent to get a quick snapshot of the current situation. Reduced complexity to buy and maintain Insurance.


City of Seattle Inovar helped the City of Seattle tackle one of its biggest issues, homelessness. With great technology in place, reporting and finding optimal solutions became much easier!  Design Development Usability Custom mapping and the ability to highlight the encampment areas. Data Visualisation. UX Design.


NER Building a series of applications to improve efficiency and simplify workflow. Design Development Usability SharePoint Data visualization. Information architecture. User Research. Full-stack app development. Custom SharePoint Development.


Smart Building Digital Geo survey transformation. Design Development Usability Replace the old tools and systems with one efficient device. GIS mapping, custom workflow creation and management, making it easier to communicate through one device. 100% Automated Geo survey solution .


Group Ticketing A platform to find artists on tour, listen to their music, reserve/buy tickets for their show. Design Development Usability A “design from scratch” application focused on disrupting the current market space. Extending group invitation using social connections. Assuring and guiding user experience when user tries to cancel the booking.


Travel Assist An enterprise-focused mobile app to plan for itineraries, track expenses, manage reimbursements and more. Design Development Usability User Research An integrated booking, travelling, and reimbursement experience with many user experience perks added. With the help of Customer Journey map, we offer new design opportunities. Seamless integration to 3 rd party services like Walnut, Expense Tracker, etc.


City Metro Rail Mobile app essential for all city dwellers, m aking their da ily office commute a pleasant experience. Design Development Usability Conducted user survey with 100 participants on their needs from a mobile app helping with their daily commute. Clean, flat design to surface information from traveller’s noise. Future-ready with hooks from integration services partners and other related agencies.


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