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Any successful business needs to leave a footprint globally to create an impact. While local marketing might be necessary for a product to be launched and earn its first profit, true expansion happens when the brand is recognized internationally. Marketing yourself internationally can be an easy task if you follow a set of guidelines.

Language diversity :

Language diversity While English is still a globally used language, each region / nation will have a local language that the people are comfortable with. The first step in international marketing is to learn the local language of the target region. It would also help if business pamphlets and announcements are done at least bilingually – in English and in the most popular local language. It gives a personal touch. The second most important rule is to hire a local translator. While it is not possible to express yourself in multiple languages, hiring a professional and trustworthy translator is a good investment. From subtitles to micro websites in local languages, these people could really help. Knowing about your business in the local language makes the target customers more comfortable.

Learning the Etiquette of a Region :

Learning the Etiquette of a Region Learning the local etiquette and practices are a must if you do not want to commit a faux pas. Body language and gifts to the local people could make or break your business. Did you know that raising a thumb in a success gesture is rude and offensive in some countries? Did you know that gifting an umbrella (most commonly given as a free perk to advertise products) is considered bad luck to people in China? From learning the proper way to use chopsticks to learning the local form of greeting is a must to not offend and put off the local people. You can always be on the cautious side and rather learn before you land yourself in a strange nation and commit grave errors.

Knowing and understanding foreign currency and capacity :

Knowing and understanding foreign currency and capacity Before you embark on an international marketing spree, it is of utmost importance to know your target audience. The first thing to note is the currency differences and local exchange rates. Fluctuations in currency valuation can result in a huge loss for either party. While you promise to deliver products at a particular rate locally, by the time you reach your own country, the currency fluctuation might be so drastic. Be wary and aware of international market fluctuations. Also knowing the spending capacity and the per capita income of the local populace is a must. While people in some developed countries could spend on luxuries and huge portions of a product, some countries might need less expensive variants. Catering to local needs is an essential success strategy.

Identify local points of contact :

Identify local points of contact It is basically very important to have locals who can communicate with their people effectively. Knowing their tastes and the best way to approach them is an essential part of international success. Hiring one local man to manage operations and learn the mood of the country is a beneficial move. They would help in many ways in representing your product / brand.

Make personal visits :

Make personal visits There is no match to personally knowing a territory. Making occasional personal visits to the region to check if the business is running smoothly and learning firsthand would not only encourage locals to gravitate toward you, but also give a personal touch to your brand. You could also directly advertise your diverse skills and reassure the locals by showing you really care about them.

Package your product and Present accordingly :

Package your product and Present accordingly Preparing yourself to actually represent your product to the locals is tantamount. Proper packaging and presentation of a product ensures regional success. While the basic concepts could remain same, the packaging must appeal to the local tastes. Presentation also helps manifold in sending the message across. How articulately can you present your brand and yourself? How can you easily learn and get used to the local tastes?

Prepare yourself for new experiences :

Prepare yourself for new experiences While every day is a learning experience even in the home country, new lands offer a much more diverse scope and a plethora of experiences, most of which can be overwhelming at times. Preparing with an open mind and being ready for various reactions would help a long way .

Test the waters :

Test the waters Never ever make huge investments in a foreign land upfront until you are sure of the country or can spare the loss. It is best to introduce bit by bit and get familiar with the market before increasing the size of the investments in steps. This could minimize losses and increase profits.

Learn from the existing leads :

Learn from the existing leads In any business, being a success is more important than being a pioneer. If any of your competitors are already dealing with your target nation, it is prudent to observe their practices and success quotient. They would easily lay the groundwork necessary for you to follow. They would also have learnt what would work and what wouldn’t. So it is a great idea to observe.

On a lighter note :

On a lighter note There is a joke about a rep of a famous cool drink company who was unsure of the local language and decided that pictures would be the best marketing strategy. He met with his friend who was surprised to know that his plan had backfired. “But why?” asked the friend. “I used a set of three pictures to advertise my drink. The first one had a thirsty man panting on the floor, the second was of him finding out our drink, the third was of the same man walking upright and refreshed!” “It seems to be a good strategy”, the friend was confused. “It was. But I forgot that the locals read right to left!” While this is in no way making fun of any market as is, this shows the importance of learning the local rules to be successful international marketing.