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A lot of services are offered by such an inmate telephone service, such as the It is possible to view the account statements of previous months and also check out the amount of money remaining in your balance for telephone calls. You can also shift the amount to another participating correctional institute or if you desire, you could even terminate the account online!


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Inmate Telephone Service:

Inmate Telephone Service Overview Of Inmate Telephone Services Jail Phone Service - Inmate Phone Service - Prison Phone Service Telephone Solutions for Inmates Inmate telephone service solutions are provided to help the prisoners in state, federal or county jails to contact their near and dear ones. It is possible to find out the different options that the jail offers by contacting them. The local telephone company can also be accessed for providing such calls, so that you can pay the amount of the phone calls through your regular monthly bills. A very simple way of providing a telephone solution for inmates is through This inmate telephone service allows you to set up a prepaid phone account for your relative who is serving term in the prison. You can create a prepaid account for your number. The inmate is also allowed to purchase such prepaid cards from the facility lobby itself or another option is that the family can do a money transfer, so that the inmate receives the money. The account is created easily at the site. Once the family has set up such a prepaid account for the inmate, it is very easy for the inmate to call them and the family is also able to keep an eye on the amount that is being spent on the calls. The payment is allowed in the form of credit cards. While signing up for the service, you can provide your credit card expiry details along with its number. There are phone accounts that you can select or there is also money transfer facilities provided. offers the family plenty of useful services, such as checking out the balance left in your prepaid account, or viewing the monthly statements or bills of previous months and so on. If the inmate is transferred to another facility, the website allows you to transfer the account. Those who wish to terminate the account can also do it through the website. Many people find this inmate telephone service very useful, as they are able to access it at all times throughout the day or night. Most of the services are self-service ones. Another advantage is that the website can be accessed in both English and Spanish, in order to be useful to more number of families of inmates in the United States. Visit today!