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It is strenuous to say which one is best as there are so many factors involved. Both the surgeries whether it is spinal fusion or spinal disc replacement surgery have their own benefits and limitations. The quality of both surgeries is world-class in Indian hospitals. Medical centres in India are known to offer the best treatments at affordable prices which have also resulted in the growth of medical tourism in India. Therefore, the candidate should not worry about the quality of the surgical procedure. The best decision can be made by consulting a surgeon. He/she will also inspect the prevailing condition of the candidate to suggest the procedure.


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What is General Surgery Treatment General Surgery in contrast to the name denotes surgical specialty. General surgeons are known for performing surgeries for a wide range of common ailments and also responsible for patient well being before during and after surgery. All medical practitioners start their medical training from general surgery before moving into another specialty. General Surgery Treatment is a specialty that deals with different abdominal contents like the bile ducts the appendix the gallbladder the pancreas liver colon small bowel stomach and esophagus. According to the American Board of Surgery General Surgeons are the experts who are trained to operate on the following: • Alimentary tract esophagus and related organs • Abdomen and its contents • Breast skin and soft tissue • Endocrine system In addition general surgeons are expected to have knowledge and experience in: • Surgical critical care • Surgical oncology • Trauma Other scopes of General Treatment are: Laparoscopic surgery This is a specialty that is new. It mainly deals with techniques for access where cameras as well as small instruments are inserted through small incisions. Colons appendices and gallbladders can actually be removed by the application of the technique. Hernias can be repaired using the method. Colorectal surgery General Surgery also cures a variety of minor and major rectal and colon diseases. This includes inflammatory bowel diseases like Cohns disease or ulcerative colitis. Others are hemorrhoids gastrointestinal bleeding treat cancer colon cancer and diverticulitis. Breast surgery General surgery also deals with the procedure of breast surgery that is non-cosmetic. This includes mastectomy all the way to lumpectomy. This usually pertains to the diagnosis the evaluation and the treatment of cancer.

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As a synopsis we can say that general surgery encompasses all-round medical treatment General surgeons also have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings with many different types of medical teams and patients. In India there are several hospitals with world-class facilities provide general surgery with huge success rate. General Surgery Treatment prices in India are very low as compared to western countries. However before finalizing any surgeon you must check all the necessary details like prior experience in relevant field and expertise. If you are residing outside India you may take help from companies offering services for Medical Tourism in India. They will guide you by providing all the necessary details about the best general surgery hospitals in India. You should go through the details ask more information if needed and then you may select any package that suits you most for your Medical Tour to India.

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