Why your employee need checkup

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Why do your Employees need Checkup

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Corporate Health Checkups  Health checkup plans tailor made for a corporate organisation are called corporate health checkups  Corporate health check-ups or corporate wellness program are sponsored by companies for their employees  Corporate health checkup plans ensure that the needs of the corporate the individual working in that organisation are both met

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Corporate Checkup Benefits  Employees are assets for any organization  Corporate health checkups proves that the organization values their employees  Corporate checkup are done with an objective to ensure that the employees remain healthy  Healthy employees remain active takes fewer days off offer better productivity  Companies taking care of their employees create a healthy working environment  Employees also work hard remain loyal to the organization  Better healthcare attracts retains the best employees

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Pre-employment Health Checkup  Pre-employment health checkup is done before employment and is like a medical examination  It’s objective is to determine whether an individual is fit to perform his or her job without any risk to himself or others  Moreover the pre-employment health checkup is done as per the requirement of the job  For example a job in which colour differentiation plays a vital role the test for colour blindness is absolutely mandatory

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 Employee wellness plays a vital role in his/her deliverables of work responsibility  Executive wellness program is tailor made depending on the type of the job an executive is doing  Executive checkup ensures better fitness of an executive  Thus the outcome is better work productivity fewer days off

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Tax Benefits  Health checkups help avail Tax benefits  One can save tax on checkup by buying a preventive health checkup package  Tax savings for preventive health checkups fall under income tax exemption under section 80 D  This tax benefit is applicable to individual paying health checkup costs for self spouse children parents  It falls under the income Tax act of India

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Preventive Health Care  Preventive health care is a health checkup done to prevent a disease  Consider it as the 1 st right step towards being healthy  Chronic diseases take long periods of time to develop  Thus detection of these diseases at the right time is important for an early cure  Tests undertaken for prevention of a disease are also important in preventive health care  Choose comprehensive health checkup package now.

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