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Kerala is the home to diverse culture and traditions.


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TRAVEL IN KERALA - GOD ’S OWN COUNTRY For many tourists Kerala is a mystical destination surrounded by layered landscape. A vast coast and sea beaches enclosed by the Arabian Sea a myriad network of dazzling backwaters and hills boasting of spice and tea plantations Kerala is truly “God’s own country”. On Kerala Tours Package tourists get to experience the soul-soothing beauty of nature. One of the popular honeymoon destinations of the country Kerala is a place where the tourists are taken away from the frenzy of crowd and noises common for most urban destinations of India. Kerala once a part of the historically significant Madras Presidency of colonial India is a beautiful state in the Malabar Coast of Indian Subcontinent. Covering the area of approximately 38863 km 2 Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital. Although the etymology of the ‘Kerala’ is unknown many believe that the name came from two words ‘Kera’ meaning coconut and ‘Alam’ meaning land in Malayalam.

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Kerala has been a vital destination for trade and commerce since 3000 BCE. During the reign of the Chera Dynasty the first dominant kingdom of the region Kerala had established trade relations with ancient European civilizations – Greeks and Romans. One of the most popular trade commodities of Kerala black pepper is still exported overseas. The costal state is blessed with diverse landscape. Visitors on Kerala tours package can head towards Kovalam Beach for soaking in the sweet southern sun or hike the stunning hills of Munnar. Additionally honeymooners must explore the Kerala Backwaters Tour of the state for a romantic escapade. Relaxing on the houseboats of Alleppy has been a memorable experience for many vacationers. Besides that shopping at Kochi is a must for every tourist. Kerala a tiny sliver on the tropical belt of the Indian Subcontinent is globally acclaimed for its ayurvedic retreats. Known to rejuvenate body and soul many tourists schedule their trips to Kerala exclusively for oil massages and medicated baths for treating chronic illness and pain.

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When talking about Kerala how can anyone forget about the food of the region Endowed with aromatic spice cultivation the food here is a colorful and spicy affair. Made from the combination of vegetables seafood and spices the local dishes are flavored with a variety of seasonings to give it a distinct taste. Some of the must-try recipes of the region are Erissery a pumpkin and lentil stew Parippu Curry and Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu a spicy chicken fry made with a combination of blended spices and meat. The traditional Sadya meals of Kerela – a platter of 21 to 24 dishes served in banana leaf - is a must try for every visitor. Kerala is the home to diverse culture and traditions. Excellent Kerala tours package offers the visitors a chance to explore the stunning beauty of the state and its aromatic cuisines. Home to traditional dance forms like Kathakali and exotic boat rides Kerala is blessed with a distinct cultural bent. CONTACT INFO: +91 11 41050560 +91 9899884516 25/8 Old Rajinder Nagar New Delhi - 110060 India

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