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INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INDIA Top Fun and Interesting Facts About Farfetched India India perhaps is the oldest nation on the planet. sharp and imaginative India is where individuals from various societies and religious foundations live respectively as a country. If you investigate Indias history you will see that India is loaded up with many fascinating actualities. The name of the country “India” derivative from the River Indus. The foremost campus in the antiquity of manhood was reputable is Takshila in 700 BC. It is alleged that the first restroom was constructed in India about 4500 years ago. The oldest occupied city in the creation is Varanasi or Banaras which is in India. Rather than that there are few more unknown interesting facts about India. India is the most stunning nation of the World. India has a very renowned culture that Indians love to welcome every person in the country with so much warmth and love regardless of his culture and country there is a very famous quote in India “ATITHI DEVO BHAWA” which means guest of India is as equal as the god and Indians believe in serve the guest with same love and affection. There is part of mind-blowing realities about India which are not yet mainstream and known to all individuals. India is a nation that can flaunt places with unusual things certainties and culture. Heres an accumulation of some craziest extraordinary certainties from around India. Let’s head to the interesting facts about India the blog will surely be the best you have ever read in your life. 1. India has the highest cricket ground in the world. The chail cricket ground in chail Himachal build in 1893 and an essential and reputed part of chail military school situated at the altitude of 2444meters and is the highest cricket ground of the world. 2. WorliSealink in Bandra has wires made of steel equal to the earths circumference. The weight of the worli sea link is as much as 50000 African elephants and it took 25700000-man-hours to make it. 3. This incredible country has special Spa for elephants. Every year in India the elephants of punnathoor cotta elephant yard Rejuvenation centre take extravagant spa treatment to be pampered more. This elephant patch is devoted to the Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple of Kerala. The innovation centre has more than 40 elephants these giant elephants are contented to lounge in the water while the staffs scrub and clean them with a brush. This is well known that elephant plays a vital role in Kerala’s mythical temple pageants and with July measured a month of restoration for people and creatures comparable these elephants are not whining. 4. World’s biggest family man with 39 wives 94 children and 33 grandchildren live in India. The man who has the biggest family of the world is the leader of the worlds greatest family – and articulates he is proud and honoured to have his 39 wives. Ziona Chana equally has 33 grandkids 14-little girls in-law and 94kids. They live in a 100-room four-story houses set in the heart of the hills of Baktwang town in the Indian terrain of Mizoram where the wives rest in enormous shared accommodations.

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5. According to the Guinness world book of records after the USA and UK India ranks third in the number of records claims each year and 2011 India has made the third-highest number of records. 6. world’s largest bridge is situated in India. In between the Dras river and suru River in Ladakh valley world’s largest bridge is situated. The bridge is 98 foot and is raised 18379feet in the mountains of Himalaya. The bridge was built by the Indian Army in late 1982. 7. Every year in India a polling station is set up in a forest for a sole voter every election meanwhile 2004. Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas is the sole voter of India lives in the heart of Gujarat’s Gir forest. The place is a home of Asiatic lion. He is one of Indias most award-winning voters for whom a polling station is set up by the entire election team every election. 8. India has its own planned city. India has its own plan called as Jaipur which was founded by the Maharaja Jai Singh II in late 1727. The entire was intended by the king as per the Vaastu. The streets of the Jaipur run in a north-south and east-west lattice. The king was approached to the great auditor of Amber “Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya” to create Jaipur who used vastu shastra and Shilpa shastra. 9. India has the world’s best architectural example in Jaipur. The maharaja of the Jaipur wanted to build an architectural city which would set an example for the world and after that Jaipur the pink city of the world was built by the best architectures of the world. The city is divided into 9 blocks in which 2 is reserved for the royal families and the other 7 is for the general public and in the city step mines were constructed to deliver water to the locals. 10. India has a floating post-office. In Dal lake Srinagar the floating post office is inducted in 2011 august. India has been the centre of the world’s largest postal network with more than 155015 post offices and a single post office serves over 7175 people. SUMMARY: The following mentioned lines of this blog is all about the interesting facts of India. Though incredible India is that that much short to gather all the facts that covered the whole blog but still the author of the blog tried the best. ABOUT WEBSITE: The India Enigma is a leading travel and tourism company. they have an aim to provide the best tourism and travel facilities to the tourists and working in this field for very long. The hospitality of the India Enigma is always feeling like the home. The unparallel amenities and the exclusive digital existence to pleat the trust and attention of tourists is all they are thriving for.