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Introduction Museum Of the month Museum shop Luxury and Auction Indian Museum Events Indian museum news International museum news Artist Of The Month Surgical Attack On Art Reviews Advertise with us. INDEX A countrys heritage is best preserved in its antiquities and museums and archaeological/heritage sites contribute a lot in promoting a countrys tourism. Having said that in an environment in which museums are increasingly expected to illustrate their public value and continued relevance sending out the right message is more important than ever. The need of the hour is a digital platform that will amalgamate assimilate and disseminate information based on the specific needs of this industry. Such a platform derives from inputs from the stalwarts and relevant sources from this field. The idea being to promote culture and heritage of a country thereby inviting foot-falls and highlighting the major attractions. Letter From The Editors Desk Museums  Art A n e - N e w s l e t t e r A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments Heritage Tourism and Art Industry Editor  - Museums  and  Art An initiative of Good Cause NGO /

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry Museum Of The Month SANSKRITI  MUSEUMS     -       NEW DELHI Sanskriti Museums is dedicated to preserving key elements of India’s cultural heritage that are disappearing day by day and presenting them to diverse local and international audiences. To attain these goals Sanskriti Pratishthan has established on its campus three museums namely • The Museum of Everyday Art of India •The Museum of Indian Terracotta •The Museum of Indian Textiles Significance of the museums : Aims objectives • The three museums preserve and present the indigenous heritage. • Museums the world over are also widening their scope. They have evolved from being mere repositories of objects and places of expert knowledge creation into acting as dynamic learning centres and agents of contemporary cultural production and values. • In this spirit the Sanskriti Museums strive to play a pro-active role in the dissemination of new knowledge the promotion of informed debate and the creation of awareness amongst children students artists scholars designers and the interested public alike. Each of the three museums has a different approach towards the collection process. Sanskriti’s museums are committed to preserving and nurturing the creative vitality of Indian culture. The collection of the three museums conceptualised and curated by Dr. Jyotindra Jain embodies and reflects this vision.

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry The Museum of Everyday Art The Museum of Everyday Art was established in 1984 to create an environment for the preservation of India’s heritage and to display objects that demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship and conceptual innovation be it in design or functionality. The objects of the Everyday Art Museum have been collected over the past 40 years – i.e. from the 1970s onwards – by Shri O.P. Jain. Objects of everyday life connected with the manners and customs beliefs and practices of the urban and rural populations of India are displayed in the Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art. Classified into 16 sections the collection includes folk and tribal sacred images accessories for rituals lamps incense-burners writing materials women’s toiletries weights and measures ovens and tongs locks and latches apparatus for opium and cannabis vessels children’s accessories and kitchen utensils. The collection is displayed with the appropriate accompanying captions and explanatory texts. Today the Museum has grown to become a unique example of its kind displaying objects that most beautifully combine aesthetic form and utilitarian function. The collection has been reasonably well documented and research on the various technical and cultural aspects of each object is under way. The collection is organized in terms of function - i.e. toys kitchen implements etc. - that reflected functions undertaken throughout the life of a person - childhood adulthood and old age - and thus their presentation also follows this cycle of life. Creativity and culture permeate every aspects of Indian life. In a rapidly changing traditional society household objects reflect centuries of collective wisdom. The practical and innovative objects on display exemplify the exuberant imagination and aesthetic creativity of craftspersons from all over India. The Museum of Indian Terracotta The Sanskriti Museum of Indian Terracotta was established in 1993 as a systematic attempt to comprehend the rich living traditions of this art form in India. India has a variety of living traditions of pottery and formative terracotta that are likely to become extinct with the passage of time. Noticing that there is not a single museum in the country that has systematically collected representative examples of these living traditions Sanskriti made a pioneering endeavour to set up a museum of contemporary living traditions of Indian Terracotta Art exhibiting all the major types of the art from all over India. The meanderingly proceeding mud-and-thatch structures display the classified collection along with detailed texts panels and individual captions. The Museum of Indian Terracotta displays 2000 exuberant forms and sophisticated shapes representing the living tradition of Indian terracotta from various parts of the country e.g West Bengal MP UP Orrissa Jharkand Bihar Delhi the North East Gujarat Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. A special gallery has been installed in the museum to provide a historical perspective to the ancient tradition of terracotta art through photographs. The museum also provides a platform for exchange of ideas and collaboration between master craftspersons and artists in residence at Sanskriti Kendra. Proudly Presented By- BMW

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry The Museum of Indian Textiles: The Sanskriti Museum of Indian textiles was inaugurated on the 4th January 2006. The unique feature of this collection is that it stems from one individual’s aesthetic and cultural vision which makes it a harmonious unified whole. The museum has a collection of more than 400 textiles representing various styles and techniques of rich Indian Textile tradition e.g. embroidery block printing tie dye resist dye chain stitched etc. The Museum intends to serve as a resource for the study of Indian textile traditions. It moves away from the ‘masterpiece’ culture as much as from creating an exhaustive inventory of textile genres as is often the case with many museums of this kind. Its objective is to display representative examples of selected traditions of Indian textiles and to create a pool of information around these that will eventually serve as an academic resource for study and research. Sanskriti’s textile collection encompasses Indian textiles made from the 19th century onwards. This small but fine collection contains some of the country’s best examples of patola bandhani embroideries kalamkari appliqué work brocades gota work etc. Other Activities of the Museums: Many educational activities workshops performances exhibition lectures and demonstration are organized by the Sanskriti Museums on the basis of their collections. Educational activities are focused on both adults and children which includes a guided tour of the three museums various workshops on pottery tribal and folk painting block printing on textiles etc. The workshops aim to sensitize the participants about the rich culture and heritage of the country and made aware of the importance of conserving and transmitting it. Lecture series interactive sessions and symposia on the subjects of photography textiles terracotta and art are also conducted around the museums. The museum also organizes workshops on various issues in association with different NGOs and other organizations. The museums have a commitment to promote the craft of India so it organizes different types of craft promotional activities throughout the year. Interactive sessions with artisans and craftspersons are encouraged by Sanskriti based on the ethos of the collections which are on display across the three museums. Regular workshops and events are held on every Sunday in the museum premises. for updates and news about the museum events stay connected in or write to:: Proudly Presented By- BMW

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry Despite being almost an hour from the city centre design aficionados flock to this two-storey museum shop to stock up on cool contemporary Danish design. A visit here can easily take just as long as the time spent among the works of art. You will of course find the usual catalogues and posters for current and past exhibitions but about 40 of the items sold are clothes and accessories scarves shoes and handbags are especially popular. All the designs are Danish and some items are specially created for the Louisiana and not available elsewhere. Furthermore you can find everything from tables and chairs to wine glasses jewellery and toys not to mention lots of books on art architecture photography and graphic design The Museum Shop  LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART COPENHAGEN

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry   Luxury And Auction  Section TO GET YOUR BRAND FEATURED ON THE NEXT EDITIONN CONTACT -

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry Indian Museum Events 2. Salarjung Museums art gallery to be worlds biggest cradle of Islamic legacy heritage islamic-legacy-heritage/articleshow/57443152.cms March 2017 HYDERABAD: Worlds Islamic history and heritage can now be seen through a new kaleidoscope at the grand Islamic Art Gallery at Salarjung Museum five years after it was first conceptualized 3. neighborhood museums redefine history let locals narrate their story 2340890 March 2017 Nai Basti in Mehrauli “In an effort to record and showcase the life stories and narratives of ordinary people currently living in different parts of Delhi the CCK team has organised an open exhibition titled Hum Sab Mehrauli where one can catch a glimpse of the past through peoples own memories of their neighbourhood.” 1. Chhatrapati Shivaji museum: Over 50000 exhibits of ancient India Mumbai February 2017 Officials claim that the museum has over 50000 exhibits of ancient Indian history as well as items from other countries. It is categorised primarily into three sections: Art Archaeology and Natural History and houses various Indus Valley Civilisation artifacts and other relics from the times of the Guptas Mauryas Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas. Proudly Presented By- BMW Sponsored By Tag Heuer

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry Indian Museum News 2. Indias only cricket museum in Pune offers walk through history 28th February 2017 “For cricket romantics with a nose for nostalgia Blades of Glory could be a cool destination. It’s India’s only museum dedicated to cricket. Inaugurated by Tendulkar in May 2012 it is becoming a popular halt among the destinations that visitors stop by.” 3. UCR awarded 376191 grant to fund Sherman Indian Museum Digitization Project February 14 2017 project/ “UC Riverside has been awarded a 376191 grant to fund the project “The Sherman Indian Museum Digital Collection: Increasing Access to American Indian Off-Reservation Boarding School Archives.” The grant ”Digitizing Special Collections and Archives” was awarded on Wednesday Jan. 4 by the Council on Library and Information Resources CLIR and funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.” 4. Bangalore has taken on the delicate task of making a museum about Indian Music indian-music/story-kGbrQxy2HrwJHSR9SujB4H.html Spanning a wide range of Indian music — including classical contemporary and regional forms — this long- germinating project in south Bangalore is finally scheduled to open sometime between March and June 2017. It joins other music museums proliferating around the globe from Phoenix to Paris to Ouagadougou. 1. The Museum of Everything An upcoming exhibition titled “India and the World” in Mumbai and Delhi aims to redesign the conventions of museum space in India. News Sponsors Hilton Hotels

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry International Museum News 2. Field Museum Is Free In February for Illinois Residents “The Field Museum is offering free entry into the institution all throughout the month of February for Illinois residents.” 3. Design Museum reveals winner of Design Ventura competition competition/ “The winning entry is designed by a group of Year 10 students from Harrogate Grammar School and comprises a simple hook device that can be used to attach a water bottle to a bag.” 4. Selfie-Taker Smashes Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Just Days Into Hirshhorn Show “Selfies are also closely associated with accidents since budding photographers at galleries and museums are often distracted by their screens. Just think of the man who destroyed a century-old sculpture in Lisbon and the Italian student who broke an early 19th-century sculpture while sitting in its lap for a photo op.” 1. Metropolitan Museum’s Director Resigns Under Pressure museum-director-resigns-thomas-campbell.html_r0 “Thomas P. Campbell resigned under pressure on Tuesday as the director and chief executive of the Metropolitan Museum of Art after months of growing concerns among staff members and some trustees about its financial health and his capacity to lead the largest museum in the country.” News Sponsors Hilton Hotels

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry Asim waqif explores the differences of socio-political systems and use of public space to exhibit his work. Asim after studying architecture made use of his building skills to make a difference in society by utilising space and interfering with it creatively so as to play with audience’s perception. He perfectly displays how playing with public space and employing art in it can engage people at a different level and also make a difference in society by working for a cause. His 2011 project on Yamuna where he worked for the cause of saving the river became quite popular. Asim’s works mainly highlights the exploitation of situations resources and urban spaces to create an impact. Artist Of The Month ASIM WAQIF If you want us to cover your art. Contact-

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry The most expensive Indian artworks / paintings sold in auctions in 2016. Artist Name Akbar Padamsee Title Greek Landscape Year of Painting 1960 Sale Channel Saffronart Year of Sale 2016 Price Rs 191900000   Surgical Attack On Art  Indian-origin British sculptor Anish Kapoor wins 1 million Israeli prize : Stan Polovets chairman and co-founder of the Genesis Prize Foundation said the profound impact of Kapoor’s work continues a long history of Jewish contribution to the arts while his social activism reaffirms the commitment of the Jewish people to humanitarian causes. wins-1-million-israeli-prize/story-k90RCjW8ZKT7IlBd1Jm85J.html Stolen by drug mafia 14 years ago Van Gogh masterpieces now on display in Italy: Two Van Gogh masterpieces stolen in Amsterdam in 2002 and recovered last year in Italy will be on show in Naples from Tuesday until February 26 2017. masterpieces-now-on-display-in-italy/story-MH6u4SBZGoNl6H4PU1GyuO.html Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2017: No plays from Pakistan or China at theatre festival: The 19th edition of Bharat Rang Mahotsav Asia’s largest theatre festival will not feature any performances from neighbouring Pakistan or China. Of the 12 countries staging 14 of the total 94 performances the audiences will not get to see any plays from Pakistan or China organisers from the National School of Drama said. or-china-at-theatre-festival/story-IAKg7m6HRaPOaWvfjMSqbK.html

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A resource for Antiquity Preservation Archaeology Conservation Monuments HeritageTourism and Art Industry A perfect balance of art culture and luxury - Shubhashini Tripathi The best way to stay updated on art and culture industry - Praveen Singh A great Initiative by ACF - Raj Kumar A must read for all the museum Enthusiasts - Salma Begam I f y o u w a n t u s t o c o v e r y o u r a r t . C o n t a c t - a c f 5 5 6 6 g m a i l . c o m R e v i e w s

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