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Education Designed to Reach Greater Heights at your Profession Investing in education is never a bad idea. Every individual who enrols into a course is ultimately looking for an insightful tenure at an educational institution that prepares them for a professional environment by giving them the right skill sets. However many people are discouraged from enrolling in courses that can add immense value to their professional career trajectory primarily because of the rigidity many educational programmes are confined to. This becomes problematic when we realise that there is a workforce that acknowledge the requirement for further education but are helpless in achieving that. For most professionals today learning is not a thing of the past but something that is perpetual and extremely crucial in order to further their career. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely important for individuals who aspire to be in the business and management industry to invest in skill based and industry tested courses if they truly want to be ahead of the competition. Invest in a course that is in sync with the industry It is not uncommon to hear young graduate complaining about a disjunct between what taught in college and what is expected to be known while working. This is one of the fundamental challenges that need to be addressed in the higher education sector in the country. Companies today are burdened with educating young employees and making them unlearn practices that are contrary to industry requirements.

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A learning experience that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom Education can never be gained in isolation. Interaction is key for education to truly transform an individual. Therefore it is important to take up courses that will enable you to participate on a global platform and learn from others be it - partnering intuitions or industry thought leaders in order to truly understand the domain you are being trained in. In domains like that of business management and administration this is an extremely valuable experience that will allow you to be aware of global best practices and ensure that your education is holistic. This level of participation will also train individuals to have an inter-disciplinary skill sets that are considered prized possessions in most corporate environments and also equip students with the ability to think from varying perspectives. When one combines relevant knowledge and skills sets in tune with industry requirements and standard with a global outlook you tend to create an individual well suited to the fast-paced environment of business and finance. Institutions like the Institute of Management Technology - Center for Distance Learning IMT-CDL offer one-year management courses in India that provides a structured and compact module on Business Administration. The wide of array of subjects that are designed to enhance the managerial capabilities of participants and enable them to add value in the modern workplace. The one-year management course offered by IMT-CDL is ideal for individuals who are keen on sharpening their industry acumen and being future-proof professionals.

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About Courses: Distance Learning Programs at IMT CDL • Two Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management • Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Executive • One Year Post-Graduate Certificate in Management Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Executive with specialization in - • Financial Management • Operations Management • Human Resource Management • Marketing Management • Business Analytics Systems. Contact us- A-16 Site-3 UPSIDC Industrial Area Meerut Road Ghaziabad PIN - 201003 PHONES: +91-120- 3015465 E-MAIL:- Web -

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