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Responsive vs Non-Responsive website design You may also have heard people say that a specific online website is sensitive or that another online website is not sensitive. With the support of these terminologies what do we certainly imply Lets look at the responsive and non- responsive web designs a bit. whats Responsive Design A Responsive Web design enables optimization of websites for all display sizes. The approach that on mobile devices a website appears slightly different along with a smartphone than it does on a tablet or a laptop. More and more websites are becoming Sensitive as users start browsing from their mobile. Every day you are stumbling across sensitive websites. What is Non-responsive layout You may also have come across websites which appear on both the laptop then mobile devices exactly the same. But you often fail to access your smartphone to

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such websites. Then every time you need to visit a page you need to zoom in. Just when you need to learn you can zoom in. And then if you want to see the entire web page you need to zoom in. Isnt that too embarrassing That is how websites which are not responsive appear. If you do not want to waste your valuable time and mess up your website please contact a professional web design company in Chennai. We make sure that your website is the best one for every device.