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The Responsive Web Design Approach The creation of a website application without a pre-planned prototype of layout is extremely similar to trying to clarify a posh route for a blind man. Of course without content the interface can not exist but the reverse statement is equally important. Planning has become a key element of success for a number of popular applications. In this case its not so much about the color and modernity of the design but about the beginner-accessible functionality and navigation which is just as easy on both the online applications desktop and mobile versions. What is Responsive Design for Websites Responsive web design can be a kind of web development where both the layout and the back of the content respond to the device on which it is rendered and the screen size on which it is presented. For example if you view this text on a desktop browser try to reduce your browser window. The column of content should shrink thereby changing the location of the text. Tips for Responsive Web Design 1. Align the entire atmosphere with the Scalable Grid 2. Take the proportions 3. Apply various styles to the appliance with the resolution 4. Focus on navigation

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For that matter when designing mobile sites or any platform restrict your mind to reading the following indicators and even being creative in your approach. A web design company in Chennai is ready to help you achieve your goals.

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