Top 25 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for 2016


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There are nearby 30 thousand WordPress plug-ins available in the market. But you must know the plug-ins, that are worthy for you according to your business & requirements. Here is the list of top 25 WordPress plug-ins according to me & my team that may helpful for you.


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Top 25 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for 2016:

Top 25 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for 2016


WordPress Plug-ins There are nearby 30 thousand WordPress plug-ins available in the market. But you must know the plug-ins, that are worthy for you according to your business & requirements. Here is the list of top 25 WordPress plug-ins according to me & my team that may helpful for you.


1. WordPress SEO by Yoast - Best SEO plugin: Yoast SEO, previously known as a WordPress SEO by Yoast, specially used to boost search engine traffic on your WordPress website. Just install this plug-in and be tension free for SEO rankings. Yoast SEO provides fully optimized blog search visibility.


2. Wordfence Are you facing security problems again and again with your WordPress website? Want to feel relaxed by solving such type of issues? Wordfence is auspice for you. It is the most polular plug-in that protects your website down to the earth. As per my view, Wordfence is the most trustworthy security plug-in. It also loads your website 50 times faster as well.


3. Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Do you serve your visitors with the newsletter? Malichimp Newsletter Sign-up for Wordpress connects directly to your Malichimp account & make newsletter sign-up extremely easy. But the pre-requisite is, you must have a Malichimp account for using this plug-in. If you don't have, install Malichimp first and leverage the benefits of this plug-in also.


4. Google Analytics : If you don't use this WordPress plug-in; frankly, says that your website is worthless. Google Analytics is having a supremacy in terms of downloads and positive reviews in all WordPress plug-ins. It is fully comprehensive and free tracking plug-in that connects analytics tracking from your website to the Google. It dispatches all information about your visitors, including location, age-group, time, etc.


5. W3 Total Cache W3 Total cache is used for enhancing the speed of your website by reducing the load of your server. This plug-in is accepted by Google's founder Matt Cutt & other business giants. It reduces the overall download time & makes your website faster. It is also designed for a better user experience.


6. Buffer Be involved with your followers and visitors via social media with the plug-in Buffer. Buffer connects WordPress to the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+) via buffer account. Whenever you post or update your blog on WordPress, Buffer publishes it on social media directly.


7. All in One Rich Snippets With the help of this plug-in, you can add special markup to your content and describe it more accurately to the crawler of search engines. More accurate content may help to boost your ranking on search engine that doubtlessly beneficial to your website and business.


8. WordPress backup to Dropbox No matter how much data stored on your WordPress website or blog, WordPress backup to Dropbox provides complete backup of your whole data and leaves you stress less about the data loss. You just need to choose day & time you wish to backup. The garbage dump of the database will be dropped on the Dropbox and you will get complete data whenever & wherever you wish.


9. MailChimp For Wordpress Popular opt-in WordPress plug-in that can be used to create good looking forms. The idea is simple, create a simple form or connect with other form within your site and add more subscribers on your website. It has features like mobile optimized forms, user friendly & eye-tempting forms. MailChimp is also the platform for “ Mailchimp Newsletter Signup” plug-in. You must register with MailChimp, if you want to use the Mailchimp Newsletter signup.


10. CONTACT FORM 7 The ability of managing multiple forms, WordPress comes with CONTACT FORM 7 plug-in. It's also having a feature like, you can customize your form as well as mail contents, support of capcha, spam filtering, Ajax powered submitting etc. For deep knowledge and information about docs and FAQs, just visit .


11. WooCommerce With 1+ million active installs, WooCommerce covers 30% of the overall eCommerce market, which is more than any other online platforms. WooCommerce is the well-liked eCommerce platform that gives control to the both; store owners and developers. You can sell anything and anywhere, whenever you wish. Multiple payment options, early bookings, membership and subscription & high security make it more user-friendly.


12. Freshbooks Web-based accounting software Plug-in, especially for business professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs. It has qualities like, send account statement, bill & invoice to client, receive payment from clients. Now the question may arise in your mind is, what is API URL? The API URL of your Freshbook account has a single point entry, obtained from your account URL.


13. Pure Chat Live chat of visitors with salesperson when they visit your website, is the latest tendency in the cyberspace now a days. It is a step towards user- friendly approach right to the front. It increases the chances of generating more leads by giving instant results to your visitors. It saves customers' as well as your time.


14. Testimonials Widget Generally used to list sorted portfolio, reviews, quotes, images, videos on your WordPress website. Plug-in comes with randomly slider that makes it advance than Simple WordPress Testimonials Slider. Testimonials content can be inserted via shortcode and theme functions. Slider enables slide text that can be useful for rotating testimonials & using slide images, you are able to make a responsive image slideshow.


15. WP Touch Mobile friendliness is the main purpose of WP Touch plug-in. It is designed as per the recommendation of Google's latest algorithm “Mobilegeddon” which is strongly recommend responsive design for mobile and tablets. Plug-in enables this mobile-friendly version and increase your SEO rankings. It mostly beneficial for mobile visitors of your website. Without changing a single line of code, you can customize the website's appearance and user-friendliness.


16. Stripe Stripe is used for high speed payment to your WordPress minutes. A speciality of Stripe is, it works within your site. It means customers pay within your site without redirecting to any other payment gateway. This unique method makes payment faster as well as decreases security issues. The stripe is compatible in all; desktop, mobile and tablets as well.


17. Revolution Slider “ Revolution in slider” is the meaning of Revolution Slider plug-in. It displays your site's content in a more elegant way. It supports 3D parallax effects that gives an interactive 3D effect to your website. Designing of single page is also possible along with “sliders” using Revolution slider. You can build your front-page more beautiful and increase the overall productivity by using this single WordPress plug-in.


18. Monarch “Monarch” is not available for free. It is paid, but fully customized social sharing app that is available in $89. If you have low budget for your website, you just quite from here and redirect to the “ Buffer ” plug-in. As far as “Monarch” concern, it gives total control over social media in your hand on your website. Want to know more about Monarch? click here


19. Google Places Reviews Reviews from the genuine website is having enough importance on your WordPress website. “Google Places Reviews” enable you to display Google reviews on your website. Generally important for businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitality, real estate firms with a review on Google. Positive reviews are definitely helpful to gain your business & make it more fruitful to your visitors.


20. Imsanity Imsanity is all about image optimization. Images are the significant part of your WordPress website. If your website contains a number of images than it is tough to maintain. Keep calm and install Imsanity plug-in, it resizes your bulk image uploads automatically. You do not suppose to resize every individual image manually that reduces your disk space on the website.


21. Showcase - Visual Composer Addon Plug-in for building front-end page in your WordPress website. Within a few drags & drops, you can build front-page in very less time. Actually; Visual Composer has been just an add-on, not plug-in. For any type of FAQs about Visual composer, visit .


22. Pippity Pippity furnishes your website with user-friendly pop-ups that convert regular. With multiple themes, Pippity customizes each & every facet of popup's design. Live preview, adding images, videos and bullets easily- these are the other best features of Pippity.


23. Akismet Send-off the spam away from your website by using exclusive anti-spam WordPress plug-in Akismet. Akismet is the ultimate anti-spam service provider on the web. It handles world's strongest spammers and provides cent percent safety to your website. Just sign up for an Akismet, activate it and become less tense about spammers.


24. Yelp Widget Pro Yelp is a United State based very popular business listing site. If you want to display yelp profiles for any type of business on your website, WordPress allows you to do the same thing using “Yelp Widget Pro” plug-in. Users are welcome to put their business name, reviews, profile images and ratings within the same or separate sidebar. Major Wordpress web Development Company refer to use it as the best review plugin.


25. Envira Gallery Having a lot of images on your website? Difficult to manage all images? Envira Gallary gives an option of creating an image gallery on your website by which you can easily manage your images. Though you can also create an image gallery without using any plugins, Envira Galleries authorise you to create optimal responsive galleries.


Conclusion It was damn challenging for me to choose above 25 from thousands of WordPress plug-ins. I've just mentioned those plug-ins that I personally used and really impressed with the same plug-ins. The choice is obviously depends on particular requirements, I have mentioned plug-ins from all possible categories that may fulfil your requirements.


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