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Requi rem ents for Ski l l ed Workers

slide 2:

Besi des havi ng a hi gh l evel of trai ni ng and experi ence…

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… appl i cants m ust al so com pl ete a l anguage test…

slide 4:

. . for the purpose of determ i ni ng whether they can appropri atel y com m uni cate wi th peopl e i n the work area and i ntegrate i nto the com m uni ty.

slide 5:

Appl i cants m ust be abl e to speak ei ther French or Engl i sh.

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Factors that i m m i grati on of f i cers consi der i n a ski l l ed worker appl i cati on are. . . .

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. . prearranged em pl oym ent. . .

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. . and the abi l i ty to adapt to l i fe i n Canada.

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