Africa south of the Sahara

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Africa south of the Sahara -natural - habitat :

Africa south of the Sahara -natural - habitat By : Alma Z amudio per 7

Africa :

Africa There are one of the most places in earth now in day that really need help from others. I think there is a opportune to help then to get more education that is one way that could help Africa a lot

Geography :

Geography The landform is 9.5 million square . To the north there is the red sea west there is the Atlantic ocean On the east there is the Indiana ocean .

Cape of Good Hope :

Cape of Good Hope The only two oceans that meet are the Indiana ocean and the Atlantic ocean and they meet on the Cape of good Hope.

Climate :

Climate tropical wet and dry depending on convectional summer thunderstorms as it source of moisture central part and western parts near the equator Rainforest climate southwestern Africa has Mediterranean climate, and in the southeast a climate resembling a Subtropical/Marine combination.

Environment :

Environment It has very few mountains and are mostly in the eastern side The Indiana ocean is the one that made clouds giving the mountain there wondrous appearance .

Vegetation :

Vegetation hard-leave plants needle-like leaves South Africa is grassland low shrubs and acacia trees west the vegetation becomes - due to the low precipitation

Animals :

Animals Cheetah African elephant Giraffes African lion Rhinoceros Etc ,,,,,

There life :

There life They have major natural disasters So are extremely poor HIV has taken over Africa and more because of there poorness

Volcanoes :

Volcanoes The tallest peak in Africa is the peak of a volcanoes.

Lakes and Rivers :

Lakes and Rivers Lake Victoria (largest lake in africa ) Zambezi river( south central africa ) Niger river( means great river )

Natural resources :

Natural resources Africa have plentiful oil Deposits of various metal Chromium Cobalt copper iron manganese Zinc

South Africa:

South Africa

Food and there dances :

Food and there dances

Africa's flags :

Africa's flags


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