What are the popular types and categories of apps

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5/12/15 What are the popular types and categories of apps

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There are 3 types of apps: 1. Native apps iOS on Objective-C or Swift Android on Java Windows Phone on Net 2. Hybrid apps for all platforms altogether with Xamarin React Native Ionic Angular Mobile Sencha Touch etc. 3. Web apps as responsive versions of website to work on any mobile device.

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Types of apps Native apps Such apps are developed for a single mobile operating system exclusively therefore they are “native” for a particular platform or device. App built for systems like iOS Android Windows phone Symbian Blackberry can not be used on a platform other than their own. In other words you won’t be able to use Android app on iPhone. Main advantage of native apps is high performance and ensuring good user experience as developers use native device UI. Moreover an access to wide range of APIs that puts no limitation on app usage. Native applications are distinctly accessible from app stores of their kind and have the clear tendency to reach target customers. Some cons to native apps are higher cost compared to other types of apps – due to the need of creating app duplicates for other platforms separate support and maintenance for different types of apps resulting in bigger product price.

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Hybrid apps They are built using multi-platform web technologies for example HTML5 CSS and Javascript. So-called hybrid apps are mainly website applications disguised in a native wrapper. Apps possess usual pros and cons of both native and web mobile applications. Hybrid multi-platform apps are fast and relatively easy to develop – a clear advantage. Single code base for all platforms ensures low-cost maintenance and smooth updates. Widely used APIs like gyroscope accelerometer geolocation are available. On the other hand hybrid applications lack in performance speed and overall optimization in comparison to native apps for instance. Also there are certain design issues due to app inability to look in exactly same way on two or more platforms.

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Web apps These are software applications that behave in a fashion similar to native applications. Web apps use a browser to run and are usually written in HTML5 JavaScript or CSS. These apps redirect a user to URL and offer “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to their page. Web applications require minimum of device memory as a rule. As all personal databases are saved on a server users can get access from any device whenever there is internet connection. That is why the use of web apps with poor connection would result in bad user experience. The drawback is access to not that many APIs for developers with exception of geolocation and few others.

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