We Are The Smarties Annie, Sara, Ahava, Daniel

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We Are The Smarties.:

We Are The Smarties . By: Annie, Sara, Daniel, and Ahava

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Lice כינים Wild Animals ערוב Plagues

Lice: Performer of Miracle:

Lice: Performer of Miracle In the Torah Aharon took the staff and struck the ground. This is true because in Shemot:8:12-13 the Torah states “Aharon extended his hand with his rod and struck the dust of the earth , and there was lice on man and beast.”

Lice: Miracle Element:

Lice: Miracle E lement The miracle element is dust. All the dust in Egypt turned into lice. By dust we mean the ground or earth under Egypt. Just to let you know.

Lice: Pharaoh’s Reaction:

Lice: Pharaoh’s Reaction During this plague Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened .

The Finger of G-d:

The Finger of G-d During this plague the Egyptians started to notice G-d is real. This is true because in the Torah the Egyptians said,” This is the finger of G-d.” Another reason is because the Egyptian magicians could not summon lice. The Egyptians Reac tion

Midrash and Commentary Lice:

Midrash and Commentary Lice Midrash The Egyptians used to command the Hebrews, "Sweep the floors of our homes and alleys, rake our fields.” G-d turned all the dust in Egypt into lice, so there was no more dust for the Jews to sweep. Commentary (ramban) אצכע אלה'ם הוא , It’s a finger of g-d though they have no choice but to acknowledge that the plague was divine origin the magicians attempted to minimize it, by calling it only a finger. They impelled that it was not of major consequence. They did not use the name of HASHEM, the G-D Israel of whom Pharaoh has denied knowledge for what would have been an acknowledgement that the plague had come about for this sake of the Jewish people. Instead they used the generic word for a delty implying that it was a natural phenomenon for even Pharaoh did not deny that there was a creator of nature.



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