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Pestilence and Boils Version:

Pestilence and Boils Version P By Owen, Marly , Ian, and Zachar y

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The performer of the plague was Adonoy . The p urpose o f the plague was t o kill all of the Egyptian’s livestock. The m iracle element was that a ll the Egyptian’s livestock died and the Hebrew’s flourished. Also, Adonoy told Pharaoh exactly when the plague will occur. Pharaoh’s reaction was that Pharaoh sent out scouts to observe the people of B’nai Israel and not a single animal died. Although his heart remained hard. In the others there were none mentioned. Plague, Performer, Purpose, Pharaoh’s Reaction, Egyptians Reaction, and Moshe’s Reaction .

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Midrash Moshe wanted to Pharaoh a lesson. Pestilence, the fifth plague arrived. What was said to be a plague from Sekhmet ( goddess of plague) was actually a plague from Hashem . All the Egyptian’s animals died. The people that tried to trade the animals with the Hebrew’s their animals died. Horses died, donkeys died, camels died, and sheep died.

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Ram b an says that the Egyptians kept there livestock in Goshen where they mingled with the Jewish livestock. The Egyptian’s livestock and the Jewish livestock got mixed all together. All the Egyptian’s livestock got the disease. Not one of the Jewish livestock got it. Commentary

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