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Wild animals- performer of the miracle:

Wild animals- performer of the miracle Moshe delivered the message and then the animals came, but g-d actually preformed the miracle.

Wild animals- purpose of the plague :

Wild animals- purpose of the plague The purpose of the plague was to get the Hebrews into the wilderness to pray to g-d for the 3 days .

Miracle element :

Miracle element The animals were the miracle element because they came out of nowhere.

Pharaoh's reaction :

Pharaoh's reaction Pharaoh decided to let them go until his heart hardened again so he didn’t let the Hebrews go.

Moshe’s reaction:

Moshe’s reaction Moshe kept praying to g-d

Wild Animals Midrash:

Wild Animals M idrash The Egyptians would also tell the Jews, "We need lions, tigers, and bears for are zoo’s and circuses. Catch these animals for us!!! This was only a wicked excuse to send the poor Jews far out into the dessert and into the woods to keep them away from their families. Hashem punished the Egyptians for this wickedness by bringing a plague of wild animals among them


Commentaries (Ramban) I shall set apart, I shall make a distinction. The apparent redundancy refers to two separate features of the distinction between Jews & Egyptians. First G-d said that he would keep the swarm from entering Goshen and secondly the animals would not harm the Jews anywhere even if they were in the land of Egypt. That the animals did not enter G oshen or was miraculous because they came from far off lands that were far more mobile than any other previous plagues being fully capable of running to any part of the country, that they were barred from Goshen was proof that H ashem is the midst of the land.

Images of wild animals:

Images of wild animals


Us Ahava S ara A nnie Daniel

The end:

The end

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