Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Injury

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Chiropractic is an effective non-surgical treatment option for neck pain due to whiplash injury.


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Chiropractic is an effective non-surgical treatment option for neck pain due to whiplash injury. HealthQuest Brooklyn 3500 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn NY 11229 Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Injury

slide 2: 718-769-2521 Whiplash injury is a type of neck injury that occurs due to forceful rapid back- to-forth movement of the neck. It affects the soft tissues of the neck particularly tendons ligaments and muscles. The injury which occurs when sudden movements push the head beyond its normal range of motion is usually caused by sports accidents rear end collisions motor vehicle accidents physical abuse accidental slips or other traumas. Chiropractic can effectively treat whiplash injury as it can help restore proper mechanics to the neck. The treatment is available in reputable healthcare centers in New York. Common signs and symptoms of whiplash include –  Muscle spasms  Neck pain and swelling  Sleep disturbances  Tingling or numbness in the arms  Blurred vision  Dizziness  Fatigue  Headaches most often starting at the base of the skull  Irritability  Loss of range of motion in the neck  Low back pain  Memory problems Chiropractic care helps loosen up the joints of the cervical vertebrae in the neck and alleviate joint pain and muscle spasms thereby correcting the overall spinal alignment. However generalizing about the chiropractic treatment for whiplash injury is not possible as injury in each individual case may be different. The

slide 3: 718-769-2521 treatment technique used would depend on the type of injury and be directed at the primary dysfunctions detected during the chiropractic exam. How Does a Chiropractor Diagnose Whiplash Injury Chiropractors in multi-specialty healthcare centers will carefully evaluate your spine as a whole – not just your neck - and identify any areas of restricted joint motion intervertebral disc injury and muscle spasm and ligament injury. They may also feel for tenderness tightness and how well your spinal joints move. These details will help the chiropractor better understand your body mechanics and spinal movement helping with the diagnosis process. Different types of imaging tests such as X-rays computerized topography CT and open MRI Magnetic resonance imaging may be used to evaluate any degenerative changes that may have existed before your whiplash injury. Modalities that these specialists use to treat neck pain include –  Manipulation – This aims to address joint dysfunction within the spine. Spinal manipulation involves gently moving the involved joint or vertebrae into its proper juxtaposition. The goal s to restore mobility reduce pain and muscle tightness and increase tissue healing.  Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation – This involves applying gentle stretches to the muscle that has excessive tension or repeated contractions in the muscle that is inhibited. Relaxation and stimulation of the muscles may be done with devices such as ultrasound or electrotherapy with heat and ice or with manual massage and contraction-relaxation techniques to the various muscles.

slide 4: 718-769-2521  Exercises – Exercise is an important step in the healing process as it restores the normal range of motion by strengthening the muscles and retrains the body to correct movement patterns over time. Chiropractors employ different types of exercises to help treat patients with neck injuries. McKenzie training is built to reduce disc derangement in connection with a whiplash injury. Stabilization and sensorimotor workout techniques correct defective movement patterns in routine activities. The exercises chosen will be based on the nature of the injury.  Lifestyle changes – One of the key aspects of whiplash pain management is for patients to stay active and perform daily activities with negligible strain to the body. Physicians often prescribe simple stretching exercises to achieve the best long-term benefits. Whiplash injuries are complex and require a multifaceted treatment approach. If you are planning to undergo chiropractic treatment in New York it is important to choose a reliable healthcare center with trained experienced and licensed chiropractors. This will ensure effective care with a customized treatment program.