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IEC International is an online financial advisor and complete brokerage service from start to finish. Save for your personalized goals and invest with no stock picking or trading required


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IEC International IEC International Hong Kong | Securities Brokerage

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IEC International Hong Kong | Securities Brokerage IEC International was founded in 2008 and has evolved throughout the years in the face of rapidly changing market conditions. At the core of IEC International is a team of world class financial analysts providing you with powerful wealth-building strategies that are simple to understand and easy to act upon. Helping you secure your financial independence so you can live the life you deserve . The key to successful investing is ensuring that you have the most accurate information from a proven and reliable source enabling you to make an educated and fully informed decision at the right time

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This is why IEC International offers their clients access to our research and analyst departments through your dedicated broker. Your brokerage account with IEC International not only gives you easy access to your brokers expert financial insights on the international markets, but also unprecedented access to fresh information on your local market based on daily market conditions. This gives you the edge you need to have your money grow and work for you. We help new and experienced investors alike. You will come to experience a level of service that is unmatched in its aim to fully understand you and what your specific investment goals are. We believe in a no stone should be left unturned philosophy. IEC International Hong Kong | Securities Brokerage

Slide 4: Visit : Contact us: +852 30183060 Email us: [email protected]

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