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ID Tech Solutions Manufacturer, Supplier Of Mount On Metal Rfid Tags Or Metal Mount Rfid Tags, Tamperproof, Highly Durable, Reliable, Easy To Weld, Screw, Attach. Smooth Running Of Tracking, Reading Of Inventory And Goods In Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Pallet Tracking, etc. Buy Metal Mount Tags At Best Price In India, Gurgaon, Delhi At Best Price.


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Mount On Metal Tags While Using RFID tags on metal product or surface you should use Mount On Metal RFID Tags Or Metal Mount RFID Tags as else your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tags that are not designed to be placed on metal. ID Tech being manufacturer has designed a wide range of such tags to work for a wide range of metal product or surface without any disturbance and intervention in reading due to some external product. Using metal mount RFID tags that are specifically calibrated to the materials you need to track maks reading tracking and inventorying them easier and provides for greater read range. Metal mount RFID tags are typically durable reliable rugged difficult to damage and easy to weld screw or can be easily applied through some other sort of attachment. These Tags are designed to be easily read by RFID readers from a distance to make sure of the smooth running of tracking reading of inventory and goods in warehouse management supply chain management pallet tracking etc.

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These metal mount RFID tags are available in different sizes and shapes so that they can be easily applied on all types of metal product or surfaces as per the availability of the surface to be applied on. Also these tags are available in HF High Frequency and UHF Ultra High Frequency which makes these tags to be read easily by readers. Using tags that are specifically calibrated to the materials you need to track makes reading tracking and inventorying them easier and provides for greater read range. Specification Of Metal Mount Rfid Tags Operating frequency:EU:866-868MHzUS:902-928mhZ Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6Ccompliant Chip type: alien higgs-3/4monza4/4QT/5/R6 UCode Memory: chip dependent IP rating: IP68 Material: ABSPC

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Storage temp.:-40°C to +85°C Operating temp.:-40°C to +85°C Shelf life:5 years Mounting: rivets adhesive magnets Customization: logo serial number printing color Areas of application: asset tracking warehouse container railway coaches automotive Ferric85: Read distance: 6 meters reader dependent Dimensions: 85mm25mm16mm Ferric150: Read distance: 15 meters reader dependent Dimensions: 150mm25mm16mm Ferric50: Read distance: 8 meters reader dependent Dimensions: 50mm50mm10mm Ferric110: Read distance: 9 meters reader dependent Dimensions: 110mm25mm15mm ID Tech Solutions being manufacturer provider seller and distributor of the wide range of NFC Bluetooth HF UHF RFID handheld reader and RFID tags and cards provide them for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We being the RFID products and automation solution also provide these readers for inventory tracking and management stock management warehouse management container management access management and other customized uses. We have our HQ in Gurgaon Delhi- NCR India and we are providing the same for more than 15 years’ and have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from our readers.