ID Shop is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your ID Needs

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Shopping for ID cards, badge holders, card printers, and other ID card supplies can often be overwhelming. For more information visit here:


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ID Shop is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your ID Needs

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What level of detail and security features should one have on a card What materials should it be made out of Is it better to order your cards directly or to buy ID printing and laminating equipment so you can do it in-house And how much should one expect to be charged for the whole order These are the kinds of questions that need to be answered before any purchasing can happen. Unfortunately many ID companies will only provide the bare minimum in order to satisfy their cu stomer s ’ needs. Whether i t’ s cheap materials or unwieldy order sizes you can end up spending more than y o u’ d like on an inferiorproductifyou aren’ tcareful.

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Luckily ID Shop w on ’ t leave you with questions of quality quantity or convenience. Our ID cards and custom printed lanyards are made from excellent materials in highly efficient facilities with 100 accuracy. To top it off all of our custom IDs and most of our lanyards are produced in the United Statesso you do n’ t needto worry about cheap quality when you shop with us. Our vivid color lanyards come with photo-realistic quality imagesandare sure to impress even themost critical of customers. Tha t’ sone of the many reasons our services are used by large multinational brands such as K e l lo gg ’ s Michelin and JetBlue. Of course we service companies of all sizes. As a family-owned enterprisewe understandthe struggles of being a small-businessand w e’ll work just as hard to meet your needs whether your company is a dozen people in size or several hundredtimeslarger.

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Our custom printed ID cards come in a variety ofstyleswith many optionalfeaturesdepending on your needs. If all you need is a bright durable card without custom numbering or data we can have your order filled in no time. But tha t’ s just the tip of the iceberg. We can make IDs with custom foil security stamps bar codes to facilitate transactions RFID for use with contactless devices and even custom shapes. On top of this we can merge your spreadsheet of names/numbers/titles/photos into a custom series of cards for events requiring zoned security. Add some of our custom printed lanyards to the mix and y ou ’ll have badges worth showing off and possibly savingjusttoadmire.

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But tha t’ s not all.ID Shop maintains great relationships with manufacturers of ID printers and lamination machines such as Zebra HID IDP and Matica and we carry supplies for each in our inventory. Many organizations have found that it’ s more cost effective or convenient to print and maintain their own IDs and security materials. T ha t’ s why we also carryawidevarietyofprinterslaminatesblankcardsandcleaningkitsin-house. W e’ v e been in the ID business since 1981. We know how best to serve companies of all sizes and needsand w e’ll help you every step of the way.If you have any questions about our products or about what services would best suit your organization please contact us. W e’llmakesurethatyoursecurityandbrandingneedsaremetascompetentlyandquickly aspossible

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