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POTASH Fertilizer of new age

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As there is need for food in the world there is need for fertilizer too. So companies that do that kind of job, are looking for new source of fertilizer-potash. potash mine

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In Germany we get 12 000 000 t. Of potash anualy. But with that capacity of using, companies look for new source. It was founded in south of Germany. In Rossleben.

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That would made German market grow as well as increased production capacity. It would also cost the milions of € to start it. Not millions, but much

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Company K+S is ready to do so. It would be profitable because the price of potash has quatroupled in the past two years

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That is worthy half million € and seven hundred jobs which would be profitable for whole region and improve the economy of that city. Says mayor of Rossleben.

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After closing mine unemployed people went to other regions. Unemployment is 20%. But the situation could change by rising prices of potash.

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200 000 000 tones of potash could still be mined from Rossleben. Says Hans Hurhee the geologist.

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It would take at least five years before mine in Rosseleben starts working again, but it is worth because prices are expected to climb as the global population grows.


DICTIONARY SPOT fertilizer - gnojivo annually – godišnje € - sign for euros – znak za eure company – tvrtka job - posao mayor – gradonačelnik geologist - geograf


GRAMAR SPOT Companies are looking for new source. Looking-present continous glagola gledati (look). It was founded in south of Germany. Was founded – past passive


AND SOME QUESTIONS Would you like to work as a miner? Would you like to be a mayor of such an important city for whole country as big as Germany? Do you think that country that you live in could make that money with their mines?

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I hope you liked this presentation.

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Made By: David Morhan 6.a

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