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CIRCUS Lambert i

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What is your association when you hear word circus??? To me it is dazzling stage and lot of wild animals. It looks like that always, always in shows, but in real life theese ‘’actors’’ work really hard to entertain us.

Lamberti family:

Lamberti family Lamberti family is one of the circus families. They live for that job and everyone works even the young ones. Their head of the house is midlle aged Johan. And with his son he feeds animals every morning. They can’t aford themselfs big animas like ellephant or lions so they keep only small animals now, like goats, donkeys, horses and rabbits.

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Lamberti family was hoping of finding a barn for their animals, but unlucly for them they didn’t, so they will have to stay on the south of germany for six months, but they know tough times when their family lived in the worse situations. It is one of the oldestcircus families.

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Lamberti family has even got their third generation living and traveling with them Johan’s and Manuelle’s grandauther is their little princess. And theese two seems to be a match for each other. Johan and Manuelle fell in love in circus, ofcourse and they are already in marriage for twenty five years.

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Darla is sixteen years old and she’s got her own trailer. At winter there’s a lot of time for costume-repairs. She repairs and fixes these at main trailer. Darla has finished her school and is full time circus artist. Darla 

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Johan is rehearing with his son Leandro almost every day so he would be in top form. Johan conflicts with chineese way of training becuase he thinks that small five years old boys and girls should not jump like athleete stars all around arena. He waits for his kids to grow up strong and healthy.


GRAMMAR SPOT adjective-positive: ...they want healthy-healthi er - the healthi est kids present continous: ... They are hop ing ... present simple: ...she repair s and fixes...


DICTIONARY SPOT Century Dozzen Dazzling Ticket Tent Circus


INTERACTION What’s the name of circus family? How many ganerations do they have in single trailer? Who is the head of their house?

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This was my presentation, hope that you did like it. David Morhan

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