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Bree handbags:

Bree handbags

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This is a story about two brothers who took care of leather factory after their father died unexpectedly

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Every season they make up new collection.The newest one is colorful and sporty.They try to make modern and wearable bags, but they can’t success every time.

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Creating a perfect bag is a chalenge but it also brings unexpected problems to it’s designers.Sometimes a bag looks perfect on paper, but it doesn’t look as they want to in 3D. So they must throw out some bags.

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Bree family’s got their own leather museum.As their father, Axel and Philipp advise leather and things they can make of it.In their leather museum, they have a large collection, hardly arranged by their father.

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They also have their distribution center, all of Bree bags pass through that warehouse . Japan is their most important export market.Japanese are very pickie people.So they have to control every bag twice,especialy light colored stuff.

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Just like their father before them, the Bree brothers love sports. On job things work differently, brothers Bree are constantly having to make compromises.

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They share responsibility and risks.Sometimes they dissagree,so discussion becomes a bit more emotional than it would be in some other cases,but mostly they agree about everythigng.

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I hope you liked this presentatian,all of you. 

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Dictionary spot advise-cjeniti designer-dizajner weareable-mogu ć e nositi handbag-torbica leather-tekstil distribution center-distribucijeski centar Pickie-izbirljiv

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Grammar spot took-take;uzeti,preuzeti Looks-look;izgledati,gledati


QUESTIONS Do you think that is a good thing that Axel and Philipp took care of father’s factory? What would you do in that case? Would you like to become factory-boss some day? What will you be when you grow up? Will you take steps of your parents, or do you already have your own idea?

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Made by David Morhan 6.A

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