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Skype and iPhone : 

Skype and iPhone cutting edge technology tm

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iFair is an Apple’s fair that shows all the technology that was made in one year and last one was in Berlin. It’s also featuring Skype. Skype is the program that offers free internet calls. It came out in 2005 and since it has become superpopular.

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Number of users could easily grow because Skype is now on the mobile market too. iPhone and some Nokia consumers can alredy download the program. But network operators like Vodafone and T-mobile are worried because they do not encourage many mobile phones capable of doing that.

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Developers of Skype made an extraordinary room with a dummie where they test capability of Skype network, so there wouldn’t be some technical problems when consumers are calling other computers, whenever they do that.

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Skype’s center is located in Talin, capital city of Estonia. From there they operate all the calls and users of Skype. The concept on which they based their bussines is free calls over the internet and they did it well.

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Corporation eBay was willing to pay two billion € for the idea. And since then it has become global corporation and is making fortune. Now 65% of it is sold to investors. All thanks to Skype.

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Sometimes they even use Skype for their conferences with other coleages from London, England. ‘’We still have a great challenge to take Skype to mobile platform. We had very successfull work with PC-s, but now we want to make it even further. Because mobile is becoming more and more important as the time goes.’’ says Sten Tamkivi from Skype.

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Make it mobile, that’s exactly what all workers of Skype from Talin are working on. The program is already in use for iPhone and has been downloaded more than five million times!

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Of course they already had candidats for mobile Skype. Deutsche Telekom was one of the first. And they did good job because their profit has increased almost by the minute they started offering it to their costumers.

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T-com company tries to get the public pressure on the telecomunication giant. Jean-Jaques Sahel is angry about the fact that the T-com is not letting the consumers be on internet and he thinks it is wrong. And he’s got several theories to convince the publicity.

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The competition for mobile operators will continue. But WHO will win no one knows!

New words : 

New words competition-natjecanje fair-skup user-korisnik operator-operator company-tvrtka consumer-potrošač tm

Grammar spot : 

Grammar spot Present Simple: Company tries to... Present Perfect Tense: Since it has come out... tm

Popis nepravilnih glagola - iregular verbs : 

Popis nepravilnih glagola - iregular verbs come/came/came-došao make/made/make-napravio have/had/had-imao become/became/became-postao tm

Questions : 

Questions What is Skype? Who is encouraging Skype users? What kind of software like Skype do you know? Where is the main center of Skype? When did Skype appear? Why is Skype so popular since it has come out?

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THE END Power-point presentation made by  David Morhan 7.a

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