Pen Pal - Ines Mišetić 7.b 2013.g.

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school life & likes


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Dear Violetta:

Dear Violetta I got your address from my English teacher and I would like to be your pen pal. Made by:Ines Mišetić 7.b

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My name is Ines.I’m 13 years old and I live in Vukovar,Croatia. I live with my brother,mother and father. My brother’s name is Martin. He is 8 years old and he’s now in the second grade of school.

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My school Antuna Bauera is really fun. There are lots of things going on in it. My favourite subjects are religion, P.E and chemistry.

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My friends are awesome. They always make me laugh and we have lots of fun.

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I love fashion and music. In my free time I mostly listen to music, watch TV or hang out with my friends!

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That was all... I hope that you loved it and that you are going to write to me too! Love,Ines! <3