A Modern House in Linz - Marko Kosor 8.b (2013)

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A Modern House in Linz:

A Modern House in Linz

New words:

New words c onversion – pretvaranje congestion – zakrčenost harmony – sklad rebuilt – ponovno izgrađen modeled – modeliran overstimulated – prestimulirano furniture – namještaj seamlessly – neprimjetno spacious – prostrano the colourful artwork –šarene ilustracije

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Clemens and Martina Strobl, from Linz live in, what is a chic conversion of a number of smaller apartments The apartment is on the roof of an historic building

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He has to climb 5 floors of stairs to get to his apartment! The apartment is very practical and modern It is where he can put the congestion of the town behind him

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Clemens claims that his living room is spacious, lavish, bright and with a wide view in all directions He says that it makes him feel in harmony with his surroundings

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They even have a sort of garden, which they don’t even have to tend to. But they can enjoy the view all day long.

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With the rebuilt Linz Castle to the west and the Old Town to the east The surroundings are part of the apartment

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Strobel modeled it on a concept by an architecture firm „Destinat” He converted 6 smaller, old apartments into a big house spread over two floors

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He coloured it white because it is simple, neutral and it goes with everything And above all it doesn’t get you overstimulated and it is easy on the eye

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The white background brings out the colourful artwork on the wall Their furniture is all made by Italian designers It was chosen by Clemens’ wife

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Martina is a fan of classic peices of furniture The furniture is arranged aroud a small fireplace

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The kitchen is desinged to be spacious and practical It also seamlessly melds with the dinning room Strange ly , the master bedroom has no walls seperating it from the bathroom

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Clemens says that the … key to designing apartments is not blind ly following trends …, but expressing your individuality


Grammar Past Simple Strobel modeled it on a concept by an architecture firm „ Destinat ” He coloured it white because it is simple , neutral and it goes with everything Past Passive It was chosen by Clemens ’ wife Present Simple Passive The kitchen is desinged to be spacious and practical

Questions :

Questions 1 Where do Clemens and Martina live? 2 Where is the apartment ? 3 H ow many floors does he ha ve to climb to get to apartment? 4 Why did he paint everything in white? 5 Who desinged the furniture ? 6 What ’s the key of desinging apartments ?

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Made by : Marko kosor 8.B