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GROM – The best ice cream:

GROM – The best ice cream

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Italian ice cream GROM might be the best ice cream on the world. The Grom ‘’brothers’’ have been making old-fashioned icecream with a natural taste.

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They keep the ice cream in traditional steal containers. They keep the right temperature.

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‘’We have tried to make the best ice cream of the world. Our philosophy’s very simple – not using any chemicals or artificial aromas.’’ – says G. Martinetti

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Ice cream sells well although it is a bit more expensive than others – 2.50 € for a small cone. Random people from the street like how it’s never frozen too much and they also like the variety of flavours. They don’t complain about the price.

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G. Martinetti and F. Grom have been growing their own fruit for two years. They follow strict organic criteria.

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‘’We needed to make our own farm with fruit that has more quality than quantity. We think it’s better that we make more good icecream. It’s certainly better than having tons of bad icrecream.’’ – says F. Grom

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Their best selling ice cream is named Crema de Grom and it has bits of cookies in it.

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It all started seven years ago with a small ice cream parlor. Four years later they built their first shop in New York. Now they run 48 shops on three continents. Most of them in Italy.

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Menu changes every month because they grow their fruit out in nature so they don’t control the growth.

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‘’Not everybody in Italy loves this ice cream. People are not used to traditional way of making it, but GROM has started a new trend in Italy.’’ – says G. Padovani, culinary critic


dictionary Traditional-tradicionalno Natural-prirodno Container-spremnik Artificial-umjetno Variety-raznolikost Bits-komadi Parlor-radnja


Grammar Past simple: It all start ed seven years ago. Present perfect simple: We have tried to make the best ice cream . Present perfect continous: They have been mak ing old-fashioned ice cream .


Questions What’s GROM? Who runs the shops? How many shops are there? What do critics think? What do people think? What’s GROM made of?


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