How Weather Affects Us - David Morhan 7.a June 2011

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How weather affects us:

How weather affects us Everything about meteorosensitivity

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Dictionary spot Cardiovascular-kardiovaskularno Meteorosensitive-osjetljiv na kronične bolesti Forecats-prognoza During-tjekom Medications-lijekovi Tip-savjet

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A lot of people are convinced that weather changes can lead to migrenes or a pulsing scalp. We even say we’re ‘’under the weather’’. But can atmospheric changes really cause serious problems? Let’s find out!

Is it really true?:

Is it really true? In Germany many radio stations, TV programmes even newspapers provide informations about pollen count or ozon levels. Some of them even convince that due to the weather people may feel bad or sleep poorly. Are those facts all true?

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This man is meteorosensitive: ‘’You become quite distracted and start to feel bit dizzy and sick’’ says Peter Herman. He’s also making a calendar in which he writes down pain level according to time.Do you feel sick and dizzy during weather changes?


Meteorologist Eva Wanka compares Peter’s calendar with weather data. And mostly results show that people could be weather-sensitive. Meaning that this maybe isn’t a bad thing but good-it’s like a 6th sense, we just feel it in bad way.Are you meteorosensitive?

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‘’When it’s extremely warm outside our body wants to cool down so venes swell up to make body temperature lower and when it’sa cold they contract to keep the warmth in the body and that affects people with low or high blood presure because it has to change too fast’’.

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Christina Koppe has discovered that death rate increases by 15% during heat waves. ‘’The thermoregulation that tries to heat off our body works constantly. And when it comes to greater temperatures like in heat wave it works double so our heart takes double risk.

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Scientists don’t know yet which part of the body the weather affects to, they think it’s brain or heart. They believe that moving heat waves are going to stimulate the sensors. Waves move ahead weather changes and could trigger presure changes.

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Peter will wait for signs and take head medications-better safe than sorry ;)

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And now some tips how to train your body to adapt better if you’re meteorosensitive.


TIPS: Most meteorosensitive people prefer to stay indoors, but that’s just what they shouldn’t do. Sufferers should expose to the elements to toughen up. GO OUT. To stay fit you should go out hiking or cycling. DO SPORTS. Dressing properly will help too. WEAR COMFY CLOTHES. Make balance beetwen relaxation and activity. TAKE A REST. (be sure to consult your doctor first. I am not responsible for any possible damages.) You can’t fully cure meteorosensitivity, only train your body to be more ready.

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Grammar spot Expressing future: ‘’will’’ Peter will take medications. Expressing future: ‘’going to’’ Scientists believe that heat is going to simulate the sensors.


Questions If you are meteorosensitive, how do you feel when ‘’it’’ attacks? If you know somebody who is, how do they react? Do you think that meteorosensitivity is a bad or a good thing? Do you have any 6th sense?

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THE END Presentation made by: David Morhan 7.a

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